Such a long TWW!

Please bear with my while I obsess over my craziest chart EVER. Any advice would be welcome. πŸ™‚ I think I am 16dpo today. This cycle has been annoying and confusing! First I thought I ovulated on CD 14. So that would be 19 days in the TWW! A few days later though, I just knew I couldn’t have ovulated based on my temps.

“Advanced” setting on Fertility Friend – can’t be right:

The likely other choices would be CD 17 and CD 19. I messed around with my chart and settings. Fertility Friend moved my ovulation day to CD 17, so I started the TWW all over again. I had a lot of mixed fertile signs though. I had fertile CM even after CD 17 and CD 19. My temps don’t seem to reflect any other day, other than CD 17, for ovulation.

“Fertility Awareness” setting on Fertility Friend – could be right?:

I almost thought CD 23 or 24 could have been possible. Fertility Friend wouldn’t move it to any other day, even after messing with the data and settings. Plus, I had already started my progesterone, so I don’t think I could still O on that?!? I don’t know. I doubt it.

Discarded the random high temps that don’t seem to fit in (I know I shouldn’t do that, but it looks prettier LOL):

So this is my longest cycle ever, other than the one post-Lap. I am on CD 33. My temps are still above coverline, although I got a slight drop today. Usually I start spotting or getting AF signs, but NADA. I haven’t felt comfortable stopping my progesterone yet, since my O date is ambiguous. I’m paranoid because last cycle I missed one dose of progesterone (thinking I was 14dpo and had a BFN), but I got a positive test the next day and started bleeding. 😦 After looking at my chart last cycle, I realized I was only 11dpo – not 14dpo. I keep blaming myself for that.

My other thought….Could this be an annovulatory cycle??? It at least looks bi-phasic, right? Would you stop your progesterone if you were me? Maybe it’s just delaying AF.

These last 2 cycles, my body has geared up to O, then failed and tried again a few days later. This is not cool. I’ve never had this much trouble! Usually fertile CM and positive OPKs mean impending ovulation!! And my temps are usually very nice and even! I need to do something to regulate this. I hope it’s nothing I’m doing that’s messing things up. I thought Metformin would help, but maybe it hasn’t been long enough. Also, I’m sure the chemical pregnancy last cycle screwed things up this cycle. I MUST go back to being monitored. This will drive me crazy. I don’t even know what to report to Dr. Kwak-Kim about when I ovulated, like I’m supposed to.

I hope either AF comes, like now…or I get a blazing BFP. Either one would be welcome right now!

21 thoughts on “Such a long TWW!

  1. Have you taken a pregnancy test yet? I have never temped before so I am not much help there. I am holding out hope for you though! Fx!!

  2. I’m not sure what to make of it. My best guess for an O day would be CD17, but I wonder if it might be annovulatory. What day did you start the progesterone? That can make your temps higher, which might be what’s making it look biphasic. I’d say you need to talk to Dr. K and show her your charts to see what she thinks. I’m so sorry you’re having such a confusing cycle. How annoying! I hope it gets resolved soon so you can move on.

  3. I think discarding those 2 high temps is a good idea. My vote for ovulation is day 18-20. Which would mean you’re almost at 18 days of high temps – exciting! Have you POAS yet?

  4. I def think your chart is biphasic and I think you ovulated day 17. I actually laughed when I saw you doctored your chart to take out that weird high temp on CD fifteen because I was trying to ignore it as I was trying to figure out when you ovulated ! It certainly looks like a fluke temp to me! Sorry about this bonkers cycle, maybe dr k has some input? Hopefully next cycle will be easier to read!

  5. I think since you said that lately your body has been gearing up to O and then following through a few days later that CD17 looks good for O day. The CM and the temp match up with it also. And you temp went up after your +OPKs on CD15, only to drop back down again. That what my temps do when I gear up to O but dont follow through. Always a +OPK, temp rise, then a drop.

    I would keep up the progesterone fo sho!!

  6. O day is a clear CD 17 to me. Progesterone will always give you higher temps. I was always told to say on the prog until a bfp or bfn. You could test now and then you would know. Chems always screw me up for the next cycle too. I have been on metformin for awhile and it really helped me. Also, not sure what your b6 intake is but that also was a big factor in regulating everything for me. I take 600 mg. gl!

  7. Hmmm, your chart looks pretty steady in general. I think you’ve def ovulated. And looking at your tests… could be something to the lines that are on them.
    Personally, I wouldn’t stop taking the progesterone unless it absolutely looks like nothing is going to happen or you get a beta or 2 done etc etc.
    I def think the meds are helping though and your body may just need a little bit longer to regulate itself. Hopefully not TOO much longer though πŸ™‚

  8. All I can say is I feel for you. I stopped charting this month (well the comp still tracks it), I’m just not obsessing over it. I felt like my moods were peaking and dipping with the temperatures. Here’s keeping fingers crossed for that BFP.

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