My dear husband

My hubby is the sweetest. 🙂 On Monday, Andy rescued a baby puppy while I was at work. First, he fed him and gave him water. He then took the pup to a no-kill shelter. He couldn’t stand the thought of the little guy wandering around by himself, especially in the heat like that.

When I got home from work, he told me all about it. I kind of wish he had called me at work! But I know I would have said we must keep him. Anyway, Andy couldn’t stop talking about the pup. He was in love with the little guy. Aww! He kept talking about us adopting him! It was very tempting…. Cute pup, we have lots of love to give, we love all animals…

We decided against adopting him though. We are both a little sad about it. It would be too much with the 3 cats we have, plus hoping to have a baby soon. We would adopt every animal if we could, but that wouldn’t be right unless we had the space, extra money, etc.

At least he is in a safe place where he won’t be put down (thank goodness). My brother-in-law might adopt the pup though! That would be great. I’m sure he’ll get a good home no matter what. Andy said we can visit the pup at his brother’s place. 🙂

So, I’m either 3dpo, 5dpo, or 8dpo LOL 😛 I changed the settings on fertility friend, which changed my dpo to 5. That way I’m in the middle of those 3 choices. Gosh, I never had this much trouble before! Maybe it is time to go back to fertility drugs + monitoring. Or maybe natural + monitoring. I don’t know yet. I’ve written myself off for this cycle. If we DID conceive, I would be due on our 11th anniversary! (5th wedding anniversary).


16 thoughts on “My dear husband

  1. Awww, very sweet that he rescued the puppy. Yeah, I would’ve told my DH that we were keeping it if he had told me (before taking it to the shelter heh). Love it when guys are caring towards animals 😀
    Anywho… keeping my FX for you!

  2. Andy is so sweet! I definitely would have caved and said we were keeping it too (even though we can barely handle the one we have lol).

    I bet your cats are happy about not having a newcomer in the house though (especially one of the canine variety lol)! I really hope his brother adopts it so you can visit!!

    That would be so cool for you to have an anniversary baby! As always I have my fingers
    and toes crossed for you! Xoxo

  3. Love it. If you’re at maximum capacity with animals tough, you have done everything you could! Amazing. That’s a good guy you got for yourself.

    Let’s go with 3dpo. It’ll give us more time.

  4. Seriously…you have the SWEETEST husband!!! Did he take any pictures of that puppy? I would have wanted him too!! I am soo optimistic about this cycle for you! These meds have ONLY got to be making things better. I really believe it! Sending you huge hugs. Your faith and positive attitude through everything is so inspiring!

    • Aww thanks! You’re so sweet 🙂 He did take pics! The little guy was sooo cute. Looked like a black lab or maybe a little bit of a mix 🙂

  5. Awh I bet that puppy will get a great home!!! And I’m the same with animals, I always cave. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and it is hectic. Especially since one of my dogs is bonified ADHD (vet actually offered me meds…). If he’s trying to sit still (whether it be for a treat or ball) he visibly tremors. I’m also convinced he doesn’t actually sleep, he just lays there at stares at me in the dark.

    And your chart is a mystery! But maybe that’s a good thing. Now you don’t know what you should be worrying out about, so you shouldn’t worry about anything! Hopefully different is good! 🙂 FX for you!!!

    • LOL!! Wow, an ADHD dog! You must have your hands full 🙂 That’s good though, it will help prepare you for motherhood 😀 And thanks, I hope different is good, too!

  6. My husband Tony found a kitten in the parking lot to his work almost 2 weeks ago. We fell in love with the little guy, especially Tony. It is so cute watching guys get mushy!
    I’ve been stalking you on TWW since last year and have been too shy to write on your blog. :/ Leave it to animals to bring out my confidence. I’ve been cheering you on silently though!! You’re a wonderful person.

    • Aw that’s sweet!! I love seeing our men turn to mush 😀 So cute. Thanks for coming out of lurk-dom! I really appreciate your support ❤

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