I’m not spam… and Cycle 44

For some reason, my comments are disappearing from some of your blogs! I am reading along, commenting as often as I can…then I go back to check on you, and my comments are gone! It seems to happen on some blogs more than others, and I’m not sure why. There’s no rhyme or reason. Also, a couple of you guys have ended up in MY spam folder. IF Me is almost always there, and Chasing Hope was there maybe once. I’ll keep looking there just in case.

Cycle 44 is turning out to be a strange one. I figured it would be screwy since I had a chemical last cycle and still had a positive beta while AF was here. I think I bled and/or spotted for about 10 days. Ugh. Then I began receiving fertile signs after AF, followed by 2 positive OPKs on CD 12 and 13, and I had what I thought was ovulation pain on CD 14. That’s a late ovulation for me, but a very normal day to ovulate for most people. I thought that was pretty cool at first, because I’ve never been normal! Ha! Oh, and I had fertile CM after O, which is abnormal for me. I haven’t marked it every time, but it’s almost like a little bit of EWCM everyday?? Sometimes it’s mixed with creamy. Has this ever happened to anyone?

My temps are so funky though! Usually I have nice even/flat temps pre-O, and a clear shift with high temps post-O. My chart is looking really ugly and “bumpy”, and I’m just now getting a higher temp at 6dpo (one that’s closer to my normal high range). Does my ovulation day seem right to you? I almost thought CD 17 was possible. Meh, whateves.

Well, I’m not too worried about it. I don’t feel anxious to test like I usually do, so that’s probably a good thing. I don’t mind if I get a BFN this cycle. I wonder if AF will arrive on time. I hope so! I’m hoping with Metformin and everything else that my cycles will start to look more normal and regular soon. It’s only been 2 1/2 cycles. We may try naturally for a bit to see how things go, then pick back up fertility treatments. One piece of good news is that my Homocysteine level has decreased!! This means my treatment is working to some extent, and my body is absorbing Folate/B Vitamins. It also means I am healthier and less likely to have blood clots! Still waiting to hear about my other labs (IGG/immune stuff).


20 thoughts on “I’m not spam… and Cycle 44

  1. Just catching up – haven’t had the chance to comment on your last few posts. I hope things are calming down for you, and you can only find positivity out here in the interwebs…

    AND I hope this cycle works – for good – for you!!! Always will be here, rooting you on…

  2. Hmmm, looking at your chart. I have absolutely NO idea when you may have ovulated lol.
    I guess with the OPKs though along with the slight increase that it’s possible that you did O when the chart says. *shrugs* Looks like you have it covered w/ enough BDing though so looks good even if it did occur w/ the larger temp spike 🙂
    Good luck!!!

  3. Oh no, I’m SPAM!!! Hahahha – sorry! I have heard about more than one EWCM day…. I think it is good (can’t complain about more chances for the soldiers to get to the field!). This cycle sounds like it was a little all over the place – did you see my post on fertility and night-lighting? Have you tried this? I was thinking about you and night-lighting… I’m sure it isn’t a cure-all, but it might help cycles me a little more regular? (At least that’s what I’m hoping)

  4. Woah that’s weird.. Looks like 17 is possible.. Looks like 19 is possible.. Maybe your body started to gear up and then changed it’s mind? I dunno but whenever you start testing we’ll definitely be able to make an argument for “you ovulated later than you thought you NINNY”.

    For some reason my blog puts your comments in my spam folder on occasion, others not. I specifically go looking in there for you, my love. Ne’er shall you be banished from commenting.

    • Thanks!! 😀 Yes, it does seem quite ambiguous! I have no clue when to test, so I’ll probably hold off (unlike usual). Thanks for checking your spam! 🙂

  5. That is a rocky chart indeed. And I don’t know when you could have ovulated. It could be late due to the chemical before. That being said, I think I’m a bit in the same boat. On what appears to be 3dpo my temp dropped so much I’m wondering if I have just been ill. I do feel exactly like yesterday and the day before which are the ones with big temp rises, so I don’t know. Doesn’t make sense. I’m crossing fingers it is all ovulation/pregnancy related.

    You however have been having post-O EWCM, so I really can’t pinpoint in your case (And I succesfully play the ovulation day game on FF all the time!)

    Hoping for good news for you, Lisa!

  6. I admire you so much that you track your cycles so carefully… I’ve always been too lazy 😦 I’m so sorry for all that you’ve been through lately. You’re one of the most corageous and compassionate bloggers I know.. hang in there 🙂 Your day will come :)) xoxo

  7. Boo I’m spam! Hopefully I don’t end up there too often! Your chart does look a little wonky and I can’t figure out when you ovulated either! I think CD 17 or 19 but both those dates seem late for you. Maybe though this crazy cycle means the meds are kicking in! Who knows, wonky could be good — my fingers are crossed!

  8. Lisa, your chart does look a little bumpy and not sure but i think your O day would seem right as to what they said.. Ive always had a post O dip too on mine. So that could be what cycle day 17 was. dont hold me to it though im 100% Lol…. Im so happy to hear your meds are helping things now! Cant wait to hear your other labs. keeping my fingers crossed that you get your precious baby soon! ❤

  9. Great news about your Homocysteine levels Lisa! It seems like a step in the right direction. I’m not good at the charting stuff so can’t comment there. I’m just happy that your new regime is producing an impact on your blood tests.

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