BFPs and bleeding

What a weird cycle. On Monday I thought I was 14dpo. I got 2 stark white BFNs, so I figured I was out. I had some mysterious lines earlier in my cycle, but they were gone as of 13 & 14dpo. I did not take my progesterone dose, steroids, or Lovenox Monday evening.

The next morning (Tuesday – 15dpo), I had a terrible dizzy spell before work. Someone suggested I test again. I figured it would be negative, but I wanted to be sure. I got off work at noon, then tested and got a BFP! I figured it wasn’t real though, due to those other “lines” I had this cycle. I went ahead and took my progesterone dose though, just to be safe.

I proceeded to test 4 more times Tuesday afternoon/evening, and they all were BFP! LOL – I know that’s a lot of testing, but I wanted to make sure they were real lines. The lines came up faster, pinker, and thicker than any of the others earlier this cycle. I began spotting that afternoon, which made me nervous. It was mostly brown with a little bit of red. I laid down and took it easy as much as possible. I took all my meds Tuesday night.

So today is Wednesday – 16dpo. However, upon further investigation of my chart and thinking back on the fertile signs I had, I changed some of the data on my chart. Now Fertility Friend says I’m 12dpo today. I’m only on CD 25. This makes a lot more sense and looks more likely – that I actually ovulated on CD 13 (not CD 9). So, the fact that my tests are pretty light and I’m spotting could be because I’m still in the implantation stage. That would make me feel a lot better, because later implantation doesn’t usually work out very well. Maybe I’m grasping at straws, but only time will tell.

I’m pretty nervous, and I don’t want to get my hopes up. I had quite a bit of brown bleeding in my pad this morning (sorry for the TMI). And ever since then, I’ve been getting red bleeding when I wipe. The last time I went to the bathroom, there was enough red blood to turn the toilet water red. It seems like a lot, but it’s not coming out in my pad. No clots or tissue. So…maybe it’s not as much as it seems. I feel crampy and have a backache. My other symptoms are: dizziness and bad/vivid dreams.

I just hope this is for real and doesn’t fade away like usual. I’ve never experienced bleeding like this before. I’m going to try to stay as positive as possible for now, but it’s hard.

Yesterday evening: (11dpo?)

This morning: (12dpo? And my morning pee is usually not as good as my PM pee)


14 thoughts on “BFPs and bleeding

  1. Going to braid my hair and cross every finger and toe, arms and legs, so everything is crossed! I’ll even cross the street several times – – lol. Best of luck Lisa!! Hoping so hard for you!

  2. EVERYTHING IS CROSSED! ❤ You never know hun… I wouldn't worry about the spotting or bleeding… It always looks like a lot of blood when the toilet turns red, but it's just from our pee "washing" it away. 🙂 I see lines too!

  3. I don’t want to get your hopes up too much but this sounds like implantation bleeding, and this seems like really good news to me. Remember you just had surgery and it makes sense that the reaction of your ute may be a little different.
    Crossing all appendages!

  4. OH my goodness!!! I hope this is it!!!!!! That would be AMAZING! I’ll be praying for you. Can’t wait to hear an update!!!! please, please, please let this be it! Sending you HUGE hugs!

  5. That really sounds like implantation bleeding and I think that is such a good sign!! I’m crossing everything too and keeping you in my prayers!

  6. waiting for another entry, I looked at your chart to see how you were doing….please please please tell us some good news? Prayers for you!!!

  7. 1 year later lolol… i right now have the same symptoms its very possible i could be pregnant though. i have a couple drops in my pad and the toilet bowl turns red when i pee…
    im hoping i am. when i was pregnant with my son the same thing happened
    but it was a “fake” period… the period you have before you test positive…
    i also have cramping.. lots of it. so its either period or implantation?

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