What’s going on and plans for the future!

I’m 16dpo and just waiting for AF to arrive now, I guess. After my last post, I did actually have a couple nice looking, convincing lines on my tests. Thankfully I didn’t get my hopes up because they must have been bad tests. I ended up staying on my progesterone for a couple extra days, just in case, but it looks like I’m safe to discontinue it today and let AF come. Me and my crazy tests LOL! I’m not upset though. I’ve had this happen before. And I already counted myself out this cycle a few days ago.

As per Dr. Kwak-Kim’s instructions, I doubled my Metformin dose yesterday. I’m now taking 1,000mg everyday. I had adjusted to the daily dosing, but the double dosing is affecting me (I think). I woke up feeling like doggie doo-doo this morning. Headache, shaky, weak, extremely exhausted, upset stomach, and just “out of it”. Yuck. 😦 TGIF!!

I found a local Immunologist as Dr. K suggested, to treat my low IGG with IVIG (which will also treat the inflammation in my body and RPL – Recurrent Pregnancy Loss). Yay! BUT before I can get the IV treatment, I have to get some follow up labs done. Dr. K said if my IGA is still low, I can’t get IVIG. However, if it’s only my IGG that’s low, I can get the treatment. This stuff is quite confusing, so I need more clarification as to why and what that means exactly. Also, we’re hoping my insurance will cover it since it technically is medically necessary – not just for infertility/pregnancy loss. They are checking on it for me now. Dr. K will write a letter of medical necessity for me. Fingers crossed!!

Sooo, for Cycle 43 (or 43 bazillion, it seems like), we won’t be doing any fertility drugs (ie Femara or injectibles). I will take Metformin 1,000mg everyday, my supplements (see ovulation chart link for list), extra Folic Acid/B vitamins, baby aspirin, Lovenox 40 units starting on CD 6, Prednisone 10mg starting at 2dpo, and Prometrium 200mg starting at 2dpo. That’s still plenty of meds! It will be worth it when it works though. I also must monitor my cycle, take ovulation tests, BBT charting, etc. I have to report to Dr. K about my cycles and when I ovulated.

I do feel very hopeful for the future!! Gotta stay positive! 😀


16 thoughts on “What’s going on and plans for the future!

  1. Thinking of you and hoping that these new meds make a difference for you, soon!

    (I also hope you are able to adjust to the increased metformin. That sounds like it really *sucks*!)

  2. Increasing Metformin did the same to me so my specialist had me take half the increase for a week (so stepping up from 500 to 1000 I took 750 for a week before taking 1000) which seemed to help a lot. Good luck with everything!!

  3. Sorry to hear that last cycle wasn’t a go-er… Love that you’re able to bounce back so quickly… you’re an inspiration 🙂 FXd for you hun xoxo

  4. I hope your insurance covers the new treatments–it sounds like it will!! I love your positivity–those meds are definitely worth it!!

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