Cycle 42 ~ CD 10 ~ Follicle Scan #2

If you’re stopping in from ICLW – hi and welcome! 🙂 Here’s my ICLW post. Looking forward to meeting some new bloggers!

If you missed my first cycle update/follicle scan post from 2 days ago, you can find that here.

Today is CD 10. I felt nervous going into my ultrasound. 2 days ago, I had 6 measurable follicles. A record for me! I have such a low egg supply [Darn you, Diminished Ovarian Reserve!]…but that’s pretty much every follicle/egg I have! And they all were growing! Somewhat small still, but growing. I was shocked, grateful, and super excited! Andy and I made the decision later that day to do IUI #7 this cycle, as long as everything still looked good today. Lots of follies + new immune meds [Dexamethasone – double the dose and Lovenox everyday] + alternative/natural treatments [yoga, acupuncture, fertility massage] + IUI = hopefully a (sticky) BFP!!

(P.S. I love you Femara 7.5mg and Menopur 225 units…I think we have found my magic combo!) 😉

It feels so great that these meds and other things are paying off! It’s really not fun to be a pincushion and deal with all the lovely side effects. I think I’ve gained 4 pounds from the steroids!! Yikes! But I’m claiming a victory this cycle for producing more follicles, even if I don’t get pregnant.

Sooo….Yay! I have 5 follicles today! The 6th one must have dropped off, which is okay. Right ovary: 21, 18, 16. Left ovary: 16, 13. All are mature except that last one (the 13). They will all grow a little bit more before ovulation, too. Lining is perfect at 10mm. Just did my trigger shot and IUI is tomorrow at 1pm!! I’m feeling pretty positive! 😀

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