My husband! And CD 6 update.

We are soooo soooo excited! Andy graduated in March, with his radiography degree. Yesterday morning he took his certification test and PASSED! Woot woot! He’s already in talks with one of the top hospitals in our city for employment. Now that he’ll be obtaining his license, he should be able to get officially hired soon!!! I’m so proud of him! πŸ˜€

I thought it would be cool if we could work at the same hospital. πŸ™‚ But he’s already comfortable at the one he wants to work at, since he did a bunch of clinical hours and practicing there. Plus, he said it would break his heart to work with kids like me. It’s a great place to work though, I’m sure. The benefits are probably awesome. I’m so psyched for this new chapter to start for him, and for us! Yay!!!

I’m on CD 6. Tonight will be dose 4 of Femara 7.5mg and dose 2 of Menopur 225 units. I’m doing okay, but holy hot flashes! Cycling in the spring/summer sucks. It’s not even THAT hot right now, but it may as well be 100+ degrees as far as I’m concerned. My sleep has been pretty poor, as well. I’m restless all night, and I keep wanting to wake up and stay up at like 4am everyday! What the hell?! Pretty sure that’s the steroids. I’m hoping so much that this all pays off soon! Just keeping my fingers crossed! πŸ™‚ My follicle scan is Saturday morning at 9:00am. If I have more than 2 follicles, we are tempted to go for IUI…but I’m not sure. I don’t really want to spend the money right now. We’ll see….We’ve conceived with timed intercourse before.

Less than 1 week until my results with Dr. Kwak-Kim. Feeling kind of nervous because this will pretty much decide our TTC-fate, I think. I trust her opinion, unlike some of these other crazy doctors. I’m just wondering if she’s going to find something ELSE wrong with me – like I need that! And worrying about what she might recommend for us. Maybe it’ll be good. What if it’s too expensive or out of our reach. Maybe it’ll be devastating. We’ll deal with it though, like we always do. For now, I just need to breathe and not worry about it.


14 thoughts on “My husband! And CD 6 update.

  1. Congratulations to Andy – that’s great! Good luck with the cycling – I hate how the meds can change your body temp so much. Ugh!

  2. Congrats, Andy! Hoping the cooler weather continues so that you won’t be constantly overheating! Last cycle was like that for me and it was no fun. I also have those same thoughts before an appointment. Hoping the next week flies by and you get some hopeful news! It’s about time!

  3. Super congrats to Andy! I can’t comment via my phone so I keep liking posts during the day and having to go back to comment later. Will be thinking of you in a week when it’s results time and I hope it brings some good news for you x

  4. Congrats to Andy, that is fabulous news!! I’m sorry about the uncomfortable side effects of the meds, I remember getting hot flashes on clomid and they are the worst. I’m hoping for good news from Dr K next week for you! Lots of hugs to you!

  5. Great news about your husband…congrats to him πŸ™‚ FXd for your scan and your results next week… cheering for you all the way xoxo

  6. Congrats to Andy! Wishing you lots of luck and strength with the upcoming test results. I hope you have a great scan tomorrow!

  7. Congrats on Andy passing the exam! That is awesome! GL on Saturday follie check! And remember – worrying is paying a debt you don’t owe. πŸ™‚

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