5th times a charm?

So, here we go again. Cycle 42. CD 3. Going for my baseline ultrasound and labs this morning. Starting Femara 5mg tonight and Menopur 225 units on Wednesday night. This is my 5th Femara cycle…3rd cycle with Femara + Menopur combo. It is our first combo cycle with the higher dose of Dexamethasone and Lovenox together though! Could these drugs be the key to creating/sustaining a life in my uterus? It hardly seems possible after everything we’ve tried. It’s just really difficult to get excited and hopeful. I think the only thing Dr. Kwak-Kim will add after this is IVIG/intralipids. I guess I can also add in that this is my 7th cycle since my Lap, so there’s some hope there, too now that the Endo and Septum are gone.

I am thankful to be doing treatment and to have a chance, at least. I have a feeling we’re going to have to do IVF again though. Now that we know so much more about my problems – especially the immune issues, it could work. It scares the crap out of me though! I have such few eggs. It’s such a gamble – financially and emotionally. When we last did IVF, it was so devastating and took a huge toll on me. I was really hoping we could get super lucky and not have to go down that road again. I feel like I’m not doing enough right now. These treatments feel somewhat pointless. However, you never know what might happen…How many stories do you hear about people getting pregnant against the odds?? I keep thinking that we’ve gotten pregnant the old fashioned way, as well as with a little help…so we could again…and it could last. I hope!!! Please God!

I’m going to delve into my fertility yoga and other new stuff this week! I’m calling today to set up my first fertility massage, too – hopefully she can get me in within the next week, since I usually ovulate early. If not, I’ll just do acupuncture both pre & post ovulation. I just feel like I’m getting down to the wire with fertility treatments, and I won’t be able to keep it up much longer if it doesn’t work. Especially with impending early menopause – not much choice there…I’m running out of time. I feel like a broken record sometimes…I just don’t know the right treatment path exactly to take. If I knew what would work, I would do it. There’s not very good odds for me with anything though, not even IVF. Although, it feels good to be doing SOMETHING this cycle. *fingers crossed* Good luck to all of you this month!


10 thoughts on “5th times a charm?

  1. Thinking of you… fertility yoga, massage and acupuncture sounds like great ideas – they’ve helped me so much to feel better through all the meds 🙂 Hope your immune treatment kicks in soon. Love to you always xoxo

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