Acupuncture, fertility massage, and more!

I met with my new acupuncturist yesterday! I had been in a good routine of going, but it got expensive so I slacked off. I realize, now more than ever, that I really need to stay consistent with it. Not only does it help my mood and anxiety, but it will [hopefully] improve the blood supply to my uterus. (We just found out last week @ my Dr. Kwak-Kim consultation that my blood flow is poor).

My new acupuncturist was wonderful! She worked really hard on me and hit a lot of different points. Oh, and she works with a lady who does fertility massage! I cannot wait to try that! If you pop over to L’s blog, you’ll see how it benefited her this cycle. Thanks L, for the recommendation! We are planning to do fertility massage at the beginning of my cycles (prior to ovulation) to improve blood flow and then acupuncture (after ovulation) to support implantation. Fertility massage involves the uterus area, so it’s not a good idea to do if there’s a chance of pregnancy.

I’m on CD 18 right now. I don’t know when or if I ovulated. It’s actually been really nice this cycle to relax! I usually say that, but I really mean it this time. πŸ˜‰ I talked to Dr. Kwak-Kim’s nurse yesterday. They gave me the green light to start up my Lovenox and steroids!! It might not help this cycle, but it may prepare my body for future cycles. She said to finish off the Dexamethasone that I already have, but to take 2 tablets daily instead of 1. She typically prescribes Prednisone. I’ve heard Dex might be better, so I need to ask her about that.

I’m keeping a running list of questions that have come up since my meeting with Dr. Kwak-Kim last week. I am excited about my follow up on 5/23. I feel ready for whatever news she has to give me. I’ve gotten plenty of bad news before, and it sucks….but I’ve survived. There’s always something that can be tried, sometimes to be positive about.

Oh, my friend gave me a link to some great, natural ideas for assisting implantation. I’ve heard of the pineapple part before, but some of these are new to me. I think I’m going to head to the store and try a few of them out πŸ™‚ Β

16 thoughts on “Acupuncture, fertility massage, and more!

  1. Ooooo, I’d never heard of pumpkin or sunflower seeds….I better get on that! SO glad you are having a fertility massage. I can’t wait to see how your body responds! Sounds like you have a fantastic plan! Praying this is the one! XO

  2. Oh that’s very cool about the fert massage. I hope it along with the acupuncture helps πŸ˜€ Always read women raving about acupuncture so FX that you’ve found a good one (which is sounds like you did heh).

  3. I am so happy that you received positive, encouraging news from Dr. Kwak-Kim. I pray for you every cycle. I really hope the massage, acupuncture, Lovenox and steroids helps and brings a sticky bean into your life!

  4. Yay for acupuncture and fertility massage! I really think these things will be helpful! I have been seriously considering acupuncture too but so far my fear of needles has kept me away (although I hear it does not hurt at all!)

    I hope Dr k has some useful information for you on the 23rd. I am so happy you went to see her and really think she is the route to your sticky bean!

    PS I am totally going to try some of those supplements!

  5. I loved acupuncture! If nothing else, it’s super relaxing!!! I hope you get some great news on the 23rd! I think no matter what, all this discussion with Dr. K has been very helpful!

  6. My twin sister lived on Pineapple through her third invetro cycle and now she’s having twins. You just never know!

  7. Ah, acupuncture sounds like a good idea. I used to do it, but dropped off. Maybe I should look back into it for my next cycle! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Sounds like a great plan! It’s nice that the massage and accupuncture will help you with your anxiety too!

  9. Thanks ladies!! I’m very excited to get my body back on track while I’m on a break πŸ˜€ Especially since I know now that I need to concentrate on my blood flow. I’ll be doing everything I can to improve it on my end πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Lisa, I just found your blog looking for info on bicornuate uterus and you popped up. My name is Jen and I ttc for over 40 cycles with 4 miscarriages before getting my baby girl (who is almost 7 now). I have had 4 more, including the loss of twins. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease in 2008 and updated to another one in 2010 which is the cause of my miscarriages, as well as PCOS. I just wanted to pass on hope and tell you that it can happen and it will!

    I see you are taking CoQ10 200mg daily & L-Arginine 500mg daily (from your FF chart). Do you think it’s helping any? I know CoQ10 is given to fibro patients, but I haven’t seen much listed for women with autoimmune issues.

    Best wishes from some random former-Ifer.

    • Wow, thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear what you had to go through, but you are very inspiring!

      The CoQ10 and L-Arginine are more for my egg quality, because some of my doctors have suggested an issue there. I believe some women take much higher doses, but I’m hesitant to take too much.

      I think I’ve seen some improvement with the supplements – as far as producing more eggs/follicles are getting pregnant. The staying pregnant part is the difficult obstacle though.

      Thank you for stopping by! I’d love for you to keep in touch. Good luck and best wishes to you! πŸ™‚

  11. I love acupuncture and found that it’s helped so much πŸ™‚ Fertility massage sounds great !! You sound peaceful and wonderful to hear that you’ve got a positive feeling moving forward with your new RE xoxo

  12. Hi! Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs) improved my antral follicle counts, as well as following the TCM diet recommended to me by my acupuncturist. After three months (from November 2011 to February 2012) I began my IVF cycle and had at least 5 extra antral follicles in each ovary. So I think it really does work even though sometimes I just laid on the table thinking, hmmm πŸ™‚ I even made poor DH go for a couple of months right before our IVF cycle.

    Good Luck!

  13. have you thought about trying Reiki? I had it (along with acupuncture)done the day before my IUI and now I have a 5 month old! It helps with relaxation and can give you some tips on your chakras. My sacral chakras was closed off, but after a couple reiki sessions and some yoga I got that good energy a flowing!!

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