I think I’m ready! And other bits and pieces.

I have been busting my butt this week to get things done at work, as well as to prepare for our trip. I think I’m ready and well-prepared! I am thankful for all your great suggestions for our road trip! You brought up a lot of things I hadn’t thought about. πŸ™‚

My car is good to go! Yayyy! I took it in to get an oil change and tune up yesterday. I was nervous they would find something super expensive that needed repaired, but nope! Well, there were a couple things, but they can wait (nothing that would be dangerous or cause us to break down or anything)…plus, I know I can buy the parts and have someone do it for me for much cheaper. We do have a spare tire and a jack.

I have snacks, drinks, a cooler in the car, music, and a bunch of other random stuff. My questions for the doctor are typed up, and our directions to Illinois are all mapped out. We have a hotel room booked, and a friend gave us info about a couple awesome deep-dish pizza places we could try while in the Chicago area. I’m packed for the most part. I’ll just have to pack up the rest tomorrow morning before we leave. Andy hasn’t packed anything yet LOL. He waits til the last minute and throws stuff in a bag. I act like I’m preparing for the Apocalypse or something. πŸ˜‰

The main thing I’m nervous about is what the doctor will say…..

I am on DAY EIGHT of AF! Ugh! Seriously, I jinxed myself earlier this week. I thought she was almost gone. I had a day where I only had a couple tiny spots, then she started right back up again! I want to say today is the last day, but I’m not sure. I only had a tiny little bit when I wiped a couple times this morning. I guess the chemical pregnancy or my Endometriosis or something is effing up my cycle.

I asked Andy to BD with me last night (but I warned him I was spotting a little – just so he wouldn’t be like OMG what’s that), and he rejected me! He thinks it’s yucky. 😦 It made me feel pretty undesirable. I don’t ever BD while AF is here (it’s just gross to me), but spotting is not a big deal. Gosh!! haha! It’s been over a week since we last DTD. We are doing it tonight, and that’s THAT. πŸ˜‰

I’m looking forward to NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) next week! Are any of you planning anything special? I already tell just about anyone and everyone my story and talk about infertility in general, but I’m going to try to spread the word a little more if I can. Every little bit helps!

10 thoughts on “I think I’m ready! And other bits and pieces.

  1. I’m glad everything worked out with the car tune up! I’m also excited for NIAW! I’ll be participating in the blogger’s unite again this year. And I am doing my first ICLW this week too- I thought it was good timing. It’s the only time (usually) I post anything about IF on my Facebook, which is always nerve-racking, but for a good cause! I’m hoping this appointment brings you some good news or something, anything! Safe travels! XO

  2. omg, just the hope in your writing, makes me feel you are on the right path to that blessing in your arms. I am so glad new information is brought to light. Keep praying to God for the answers, and definitely follow your intuition about the lovenox. I did read an article that lovenox and baby asprin decreased miscarriages significantly.

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