I’m public again and 16dpo

Hello everyone! I decided it was time to go back public again. I have missed everyone, and I miss reaching out to people. I could also use the support right now. I have no clue how long this cycle is going to go on, and this is the easiest way to update everyone. Plus, NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) is coming up, and I’m all about awareness. I’m very open about my journey, I just needed a break for awhile.

After seeing yesterday’s test and talking with some of my friends, I was thinking about getting a beta done today at the lab in the hospital where I work. There are some concerns that different labs could give slightly different results though, so I’m not sure if that would be best. Even having my beta be a little bit off, could make a big difference.

I have patients in the early morning today and tomorrow, so I can’t really get away from work to go to my RE’s office and have it done. I’ve already had to come in late a few times recently, so I don’t want to push it with my boss. Maybe I’ll just wait for Friday after all, it’s only a couple days.

My test looks lighter today, I think…so I’m pretty sure I already have my answer. I bet by tomorrow they’ll show even more of a drop. I would think it would look pretty evident & pretty light soon, especially since my level was only 21. I have 1 Answer brand test left, so I was thinking of using that – maybe this afternoon. They aren’t as sensitive, so a line on that kind of test would be more telling. Not that pee sticks are a true indicator, but you know what I mean.

I wish my symptoms would go away. They must be from my other hormones, not hcg. My BBs are so sore, I’m extremely tired, and I’ve had crazy, vivid dreams. The night before last, I dreamed of a zombie apocalypse. Last night, I dreamed that I went to get a beta, but they screwed up my order and didn’t have it by the end of the day. I seriously went off on the nurse. I think the dream of not getting beta results was scarier than the zombies LOL. πŸ™‚

The last several days…I used two different lot #’s to make sure the tests weren’t bad or something. Plus I used a blue one for the heck of it.

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s…the bottom 2 were starting to dry a little.


12 thoughts on “I’m public again and 16dpo

  1. Hi Lisa! ((((HUGS)))) I think another beta would be a good idea… I don’t think this morning’s tests look at all lighter than yesterday’s tests. I can’t wait to see your Answer. Praying for a nice dark line! I’ve got everything I have crossed and praying for you!

  2. Welcome back public – it sure makes it easier to follow (can use google reader). πŸ™‚ Good luck with your next beta – this is totally a werid situation. No sign of AF?

  3. I agree that you should try and get that beta today if you are able to. Your tests would be lighter for sure. Remember we aren’t talking about a beta of 500 coming down to 0, we are talking about lower beta numbers that would easily come down in 1-2 days. I have everything crossed for you!!!

  4. Lisa, i don’t think it looks lighter. I agree with your idea about the answer. I am praying for your miracle to keep growing and be healthy!

  5. I think you should get the beta, too. I agree with others, I could not see a difference in your pee sticks – they look just as dark! Good luck to you and praying! God is good, all the time! He wants you to have the desires of your heart and I believe you will get them!!!

  6. It was a nice surprise too see you back in my feed again…not that there was anything wrong with my inbox πŸ™‚ I’m not a very good test reader, but I don’t think they look lighter. Hope you’re doing ok. I can’t imagine going through this. XO

  7. Welcome back public! I missed your blog dearly! I don’t think the pee sticks look lighter……interested in what your beta will be. Goodluck hun and HUGS! Sending sticky vibes your way!

  8. Your tests are really dark considering the numbers. Mine got that dark after 15 DPO.(and im 5 months now) Maybe it was mix between triger and the real thing in the beginning.
    Good luck.

  9. Why not take one of the old tests that only detects HCG well over 20? Somewhere on the internet they show a list but I’m thinking that if you really are going down then you’re below the 21 from your beta and that means that a test that’s supposed to only turn positive at a higher number would only turn positive if you’ve gone up. It’s not an exact science but it’s a quick and dirty way to feel better. No?

  10. UGH, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this.
    Although I still have hope for this cycle, I hope if it’s not meant to be, then Dr Kim will be able to give you some more answers and something new to try that will get you your miracle πŸ™‚

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