14dpo and beta #2 :-(

😦 It dropped to 21 from 34 😦 They told me to stop my progesterone and come back Friday for another beta. I don’t know that I feel comfortable doing stopping my meds and letting AF come yet. It almost seemed like my tests got lighter but started darkening again. What if I jumped the gun by going to early on Saturday and maybe there was still some trigger in my system. Probably not, I’m just grasping for straws *cry*

Pee sticks:


13 thoughts on “14dpo and beta #2 :-(

  1. (((Hugs))) Lisa! I am so sorry your numbers dropped instead of rising. Stopping meds when things aren’t definitive (in your mind) is so hard. If, for your own peace of mind, you need to continue until you get one more beta, then there is nothing wrong with making that choice.

  2. OH sweetie. I am so sorry. I didn’t have time to check your blog this weekend with all of the Easter festivities and I am just now catching up. Your first beta sounded so good and the tests really do look darker and darker. I am praying for you!

  3. Nooo 😦 I’m so so sorry. Man.. I’ve been thinking about you all day long waiting for this update. So upset for you that it’s not good news. This is so unfair 😦

  4. OMG that sucks…I was so hoping this was finally it for you guys…I don’t understand why things have to be soooo difficult for people…

  5. I would NOT stop taking the progesterone. I am not a medical doctor but I do know that you were using drugs to stimulate your ovaries which increases your chance of multiples. If you were pregnant with multiples and there was a problem with one of them you would have a drop in #’s. This early in the game your body would absorb the problematic embryos (is it embryo or fetus today? I need more coffee to say for sure) into the uterine lining and use it to nourish the other one. Beyond that, I would NOT stop taking progesterone based on a beta without a sono to match. My daughter was an “imminent spontaneous abortion” because she detached from the uterine lining before settling on a good place (she did that a number of times before birth, she’s always been a bit finicky.) I don’t know what’s going on in there but a beta is only going to tell you how much HCG is in your blood, nothing else. There’s nothing we can do but pray but if this is not going to happen the progesterone won’t matter and if there is a little spark in there trying to make a go, the progesterone will.

  6. I think you are smart not stopping meds until next beta. It didn’t drop that much and your theory of possibly having trigger left in your body could be right. I’m praying that is the case and next beta will prove it. ((Hugs ))

  7. So sorry to hear… I would be like you and wait to stop medication… my heart is with you xoxo

  8. I am with the girls…follow your gut. Wait to stop. Do a follow up beta. Either you will watch it drop lower, or rise. The medicine isn’t going to make THAT big of a difference if *IF!* it is an early loss. Love ya and thinking about you!!

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