IUI #6

Everything went well! I was worried the frozen sample wouldn’t be very good, but it was! It wasn’t much different than our previous IUIs – maybe just a little less. 27 million swimmers and 92% motility. Doc said it was great! The nice thing is, we were able to BD everyday up until the IUI, since we already collected the sample earlier this week. I hope there’s millions of sperm attacking my 2 nice follies right now πŸ˜€ I’m feeling some pains, but I don’t think I have ovulated just yet.


9 thoughts on “IUI #6

  1. YAY! Isn’t it crazy to think of at least 24 MILLION sets of traits and characteristics vying to be first in line to become your child(ren)?! I really hope that this is THE cycle for you. I keep mentioning Noah because cycle 40 reminded me of raining for 40 days and 40 nights. Then when you said that there were 2 follies I giggled because I remember being a kid in Sunday school and doing the parade about the animals going two by two, a boy and a girl.

    No one can know what will happen now but no one really knows if the story of Noah was created to convey a message, altered through the generations or historical fact. I’m not trying to debate it, only trying to say that children all over the world are going to go marching two-by-two this summer and children all over the world are going to be conceived by women with all manner of “reasons” that it should be impossible.

    I really hope that your days of disappointment are over. I’m sorry that you and your husband have struggled for as long as you have but I think about all of the women that you have uplifted and inspired with your story and your optimism. You may not have given birth yet but you have given life and hope to many who may have given up by now. I don’t know how many children have been born because of your tenacity but that kind of service to the IF community will not go unrewarded. In time you’ll see.

  2. WOW! 27 million! (jealous!) That is super awesome. If that doesn’t work – then what the heck! You have all bases covered. Crossing my fingers for you! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks everyone! It was not an ideal cycle/situation at first, but it turned out pretty okay πŸ™‚ I am feeling good. ❀
    Good luck to you all!

  4. Yea Lisa, everything sounds perfect!! Hope those beautiful little eggs are impanting and making a nice home for the next 9 months!! Praying for you!!

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