Cycle 40 follie check

I am a little disappointed. I have 2 follicles on my left ovary at 17mm and 12mm. Several smaller ones on both ovaries. Lining looks good. I have to take another dose of Menopur (225 units) tonight and return tomorrow morning for another scan.

I know, 1-2 is pretty good. It only takes one (I hate that saying). It’s just that we spent SO much money this cycle. Last cycle, we did the same protocol and I had 3 follies – all nice sizes. My body is stupid sometimes. I’m surprised to see Lefty doing all the work this time, since I’ve been ovulating from my right side a lot lately.

I don’t know when we’ll do the IUI. I guess it’ll depend on my follicle growth and E2 levels. They took an E2 today, but I may not know what it is until tomorrow. I’m tempted to see if we can let the dominant follicle go (just let it keep growing and release or whatever) and continue to grow the smaller ones. I think the fact that the largest one grew so fast, could mean it’s of lesser quality. If we could keep going, the smaller ones might be better. I don’t know if this doctor will go for that idea or not. Some doctors will do that.

If we could keep stimming the smaller ones, we could potentially have a fresh IUI, instead of using the frozen sample – AND have more follicles. Hmm… I’ll update tomorrow as soon as I know something. FX!


11 thoughts on “Cycle 40 follie check

  1. Okay, this might be a dumb question. I am warning you. I thought once your dominant follicle was released that you enter your luteal phase and the remaining follicles recede. I didn’t realize you could release one and then another could release after that. Well, except in the case of twins. Do the medications allow that to happen?

  2. I am not sure the frozen sperm will be worth it. I don’t think because a follie grew fast it isn’t good – did you read that somewhere? I read they grow non-linearly, but other than that I don’t know much.

  3. FXd for you…. hope your doctor listens to your option and can give you the pros/cons… then help you come to the best outcome :)) xoxo

  4. That would be cool if you could just continue to stim to get the smaller follicles to grow. Get more bang for your buck so to speak.
    I def know the frustration of only having a couple of follicles though. SO frustrating when you respond so well before, and then next time, it’s only 1, maybe 2. ARGH! lol
    Anywho…. Good luck with whatever happens!!!

  5. A woman on TWW just conceived with frozen semen (unwashed and home insemination by coating the cervix) and another woman tried the same method with fresh semen and also became pregnant. I’ve admitted that I’m just learning about IF but if frozen semen didn’t work then sperm banks would have gone out of business years ago. I know that I’ve only been around for a small number of your cycles Lisa but I’ve seen perfect conditions that didn’t work and impossible conditions fertilize and implant. While it’s wise to take all of the precautions possible, you have to give it up to God sometimes. Andy’s last minute trip, this unfavorable follie… If he managed to get a drunk to build a giant ship and fill it full of animals in anticipation of a flood that no one else saw coming… dontcha think he can pull off a perfect little baby from frozen sperm and and less than ideal egg? j/s

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