Just for the record…

I DO get BFNs. I wanted to post my pics to show you all, since there has been some debate about my lines. I dipped 2 tests this morning – both BFN. I could NOT pull out a line if I wanted to – and I would NOT try to do that if there was nothing there. I only tweaked these to show that, with all the tweaking I do, there is no way to pull out lines like I had from 11dpo-13dpo. (14dpo not pictured here & 15 dpo was pretty much negative.)

Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better today. I already knew on Sunday, when my test was lighter, that it wasn’t going to turn out the way I had hoped. Then Monday brought a pretty much negative test. I felt kinda crappy, but not too bad. I’m pretty resilient 🙂 I’m hoping AF isn’t delayed too long…my temp is still wayyy up there.

I decided to move onto to treatment with Dr. Mean-Doctor. I want someone who will be real with me, even if it’s difficult to hear. At least she will work with immune treatment. I cannot wait to try something NEW that might work. We will probably do Femara + Menopur again, since I had such a good response. She said she would treat me however I was being treated before, if that’s what I prefer. I want to see if there are more things we can add to boost our chances. She knows our chances are pretty much zilch, so I bet she’ll be more willing to do anything and everything. It’s not like my chances for multiples is high….at all.

So come on AF!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Just for the record…

  1. I know you’re ready to move on and that’s awesome. I’m still so bummed for you though.
    Mean Doc or not.. I hope whatever she lets ya do works out. 😀
    Come on next cycle and come on sticky bean!

  2. Hope your AF arrives soon and you can be on your way to the next step… FXd for you all the way 🙂 You’ll get there xoxo

  3. Aw, sorry about your BFNs! 😦 We really are in sync, eh? We are both actually hoping AF just hurries up and arrives – an odd place to be.

  4. I’m so sorry this cycle didn’t work. I was still holding on to a lot of hope for you! I do hope that this new doctor is willing to be more aggressive, and that the chance to add some immune treatments helps you stay pregnant next time. (((Hugs)))

  5. I had an attorney one time for a lawsuit against an insurance company, he was mean as a snake. But he did his job very nicely! So maybe the mean professionals no what they are doing?! I hope Dr. Meany gets you your miracle!

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