What I did this cycle

First of all, I freaked myself out this morning…a little. Yesterday I woke up from an early nap feeling sooo thirsty. I figured I was dehydrated, so I loaded up on fluids – it was A LOT – probably overkill. I just didn’t want to take any chances with this possible pregnancy. I went to bed last night, and woke up at 3:30am needing to pee SO badly. I literally peed for 5 minutes at a full stream! OMG! It just kept coming! LOL!

Then I woke up for real a couple hours later and POAS. Bad idea. I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that because my pee was sooo diluted. It was nearly clear. My lines are faint. I know I can’t compare to past days, and it’s silly to worry when there was good reason for them to be faint. But still. You know my history. I feel like, even with diluted pee, there should be nice lines popping up @ 14dpo.

Sigh. I know I’ll need to POAS later today for reassurance – if I can stop peeing, that is. I’ve peed like 6 times already this morning. I think it’s safe to say I’m adequately hydrated now LOL! When I see a darker line though, I’ll probably stop POAS for a little while then.

Anyway, I wanted to post about what we did differently or the same this cycle…

  • This is the 4th cycle since my Lap.
  • We did Estrace 4mg CD 1-4 (Maybe helped with my lining? It was really thick by CD 8)
  • We did Femara 5mg + Menopur 150 units combo for the first time (I’ve done Femara by itself, and I’ve done Menopur with Clomid – but not with Femara.) Used Ovidrel trigger, as usual.
  • I had 3 follies – all similar sizes (hardly ever get a nice response like that)
  • We BD a lot, but we always do that.
  • I made sure to have the big O each time we BD. *blush*
  • Used pre-seed a couple times, but we’ve tried that before.
  • I took EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) for the first time – I only took 500mg daily because I didn’t want to over-do it – Only to be taken from AF to ovulation. I did this because a girl on TWW who had been trying for 2 years, got her BFP the first cycle taking it. Could one little supplement help so much?? IDK! 🙂
  • I also took these everyday: Fish Oil 1200mg 2x day, Prenatals & DHA/EPA, Baby Aspirin, L-Arginine 500mg, CoQ10 200mg, Vitamin D3 5,000 units – Some of these you can take higher doses, but again I didn’t want to over-do it. I’ve been taking these for awhile, so they have hopefully helped my body in many ways.
  • We only did Dexamethasone 4mg for 4 days starting on ovulation day – This is what we did during IVF # 2 (ended in a chemical). We are trying to find the right balance between suppressing my immune system, without over-suppressing it. Previously we’ve tried taking it everyday, or from CD 3 forward, or during the entire TWW.
  • Bumped up my Prometrium to 200mg every night vs. 100mg
  • Stayed busy during the TWW with fun things. Laughed a lot. Very little stress.
  • My BFF rubbed her baby bump all over me a bunch of times when I was like 6-7dpo LOL 😉
  • Lots of people prayed for me – I believe in that.
  • The 20-pound weight loss recently – maybe that played a part in my fertility?

That’s all I can think of right now. Who knows if any of it made much of a difference or if it was just a miracle or something. I still don’t know if it will stick, but I feel like we are close to figuring things out and what works…at least I hope so. I want so badly for all of you to get your BFPs and take home babies ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “What I did this cycle

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! Hoping it was the magic combo. And peeing like that is what we call in my house “peeing buckets!” haha

  2. Oh, ya gotta love it when you freak yourself out like that. Your brain knows why you shouldn’t, but you can’t help yourself heh.

    Anywho… I hope the next tests you take are blazing!!

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