What a positive experience

My talk on infertility at the women’s group went really well! I was so nervous at first. As I began sharing, it started to feel more natural. Everyone was so receptive, caring, and they all asked questions. I could tell they were truly interested and making an effort to understand.

There was a mix of different ladies, various ages, and only 1 that was experiencing infertility. There was also 1 lady who shared that she had a miscarriage at 16 weeks when she was young. They ALL said they knew someone struggling with infertility though.

We laughed and we cried. At least I think I saw a few tears. I feel like I touched on so many important aspects of what we go through, and how people can support us. I also tried to explain pee sticks LOL 🙂 Some of it is difficult to explain, because we kind of have our own little world. They seemed to understand most of it (or at least tried), and they genuinely made an effort to empathize with me.

I gave handouts from Resolve.org about Infertility Ettiquette and Myths & Facts. They never realized that certain things (even well-meaning advice) could come across as hurtful to those suffering from infertility. From what I can tell – and they agreed – that people just don’t hear enough about infertility to know what’s appropriate and what exactly we are up against as infertiles.

I felt AMAZING afterward. It was like a burden had been lifted. It’s one thing to interact online, but to see their faces and body language – and to really feel like they were trying to understand and connect with me – was an awesome feeling. I’m so thankful for my friend, Josyln, who invited me. They are a really nice group of ladies. I can’t wait to speak about infertility again sometime!!

It was a great weekend! After the group, I went to my hometown and spent the night with my best friend & her family. She’s on leave from the airforce. I rarely see her since she is stationed in Arizona. I met her 2 kiddos for the first time. We had tons of fun. She kept hugging me and rubbing her baby bump on me (she’s pregnant with her 3rd), in hopes that some baby dust would rub off 😀 We’re silly like that hehe. I hope it brought me luck. 🙂


6 thoughts on “What a positive experience

  1. WOO! Go you 😀 It sounds like you really made an impact with your presentation. YAY!
    Hopefully all of those women really took home something useful from it 🙂

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