2nd opinions…they’re only opinions…

If you read my last post, I was really upset and disappointed. I keep chasing after all these leads, hoping that some doctor will have a magical answer for me. It’s not that easy though. Even when you know what is wrong. You can’t always fix it.

We know for a fact that I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve. You can visualize my follicles on an ultrasound and count them. There are not many eggs left. My bloodwork reflects that diagnosis (FSH & AMH). These are proven, known causes of infertility. Do people still conceive with this diagnosis? YES. Have I conceived with this diagnosis? YES.

What we cannot say for sure is if my egg quality is truly poor. It is only a guess. There is no way to test all of my eggs to see which ones are good or bad. Some doctors think the fact that I’m 29 and have this condition, means I have better odds than an older woman with this condition. Other doctors think it does not matter what age you are. We did do IVF, and I did produce 2 perfect embryos. It may have worked, but we did not know about my Endometriosis, Septate Uterus, or Autoimmune issues at that time.

Endometriosis is a common, known cause of infertility, as well. It can cause inflammation and many abnormal cells in the uterus, which in turn causes failed implantation. A Septate Uterus is also a well-known factor in miscarriages. Even in early losses – the embryo may try to implant on the septum, where there are not enough blood vessels to supply the growing baby. Plus, my uterus was basically closed – they had to dilate it. The doctor I met with Thursday, said my septum may have caused 1/3 of my losses – that’s a pretty big deal. My current RE believes it has been a HUGE factor for us. This is ONLY our 4th cycle since the surgery to remove/repair the Endo & Septum, so it’s too early to say whether it helped or not.

What’s on my mind the most right now…immune issues. It’s such a controversial subject – especially amongst regular REs. This new doctor I met with Thursday is willing to treat with whatever Dr. Kwak-Kim says is necessary (when I meet with her next month). I definitely want to try. Whether it’s proven or not, it will not hurt to at least try. It may even have a placebo affect on me, and put me more at ease. Who knows, it may actually be just what we need. I just hope Dr. Kwak-Kim doesn’t have more grim news, and says there’s nothing she can do to help us. I don’t really believe that. I mean, IV intralipids or something are at least worth a shot.

I am worried about egg quality though, too. This is the 2nd doctor who has said to quit with my eggs, basically. I know we would have a MUCH higher chance with donor eggs/embryos, but maybe we still have a chance. A little chance. It’s too soon after the surgery & without us trying immune treatment to say we’re ready to stop with my eggs. I did have a very kind-hearted girl offer me some frozen embryos from a successful IVF cycle. I’m so touched and excited to keep that as an option if things don’t work out.

So, all in all…I’m still kind of upset…but feeling better than I was. You can’t believe everything you hear – even from doctors. How many times have you seen them be proven wrong?! LOTS. I’m going to keep praying and hoping….for now.

My speech about infertility for the women’s group is today – EEK! I’m prepared though. Also, I’m 6dpo. My chart link is over on the side column. I’m still hoping one of those 3 beautiful follies is a good egg.


10 thoughts on “2nd opinions…they’re only opinions…

  1. Good luck with the group tonight! I know you will kill it! I’m sorry the last appointment left you feeling hopeless, but you are right- there are still options! The surgery definitely didn’t hurt anything and you’re not even 6 months out. ( I have to keep reminding myself too- my Dr. tells me to remember that sometimes it takes a year after a lap to get everything straightened out) Keep on keepin’ on, friend and see what Kwak-Kim has to say. I’ve finally joined you in the 2WW, my first hcg booster is today, so I’m 3DPO.

  2. Lisa I have been reading your posts but haven’t been able to comment (I suck typing from my iPhone) anyhow think you are taking the correct approach, not ignoring the facts, but not putting too much stock in what the doctors say. I have said all along, that IVF is a business and sometimes it’s hard not to think they Aren’t offering advice that doesn’t lean to cash in their pocket. You had two perfect embryos as you have stated and so I have to wonder about your egg quality, clearly there are good eggs in there. It appears your issues are more surrounded with the endo, septum and immune issues, which have been mostly addressed. I don’t think it can hurt to do a cycle tacking any potential immune issues, so that cleanly sounds lie a good plan to me. I hate that we can’t even get the doctors allto agree, so frustrating for a patient who is putting their future in their hands.

  3. I think Kim is right – maybe an IVF with immune issues looked at will work now that you’ve had surgery! Especially since you get pg so often, I think it is too soon to give up hope

  4. I agree that you should go down the path of IVF with the auto immune issues looked into as suggested above.

    My RE told me that even a woman with poor AMH and FSH if she is young, has better egg quality than a 40year old with fanastic numbers. You have age on your side, and you are conceiveing, its just not sticking, which makes me think it may be the immune issues, now that the uterus has been made normal. I would not give up on your eggs yet — if your new RE is willing to go along with the auto immune protocol it is worth a try. Hopefully after you meet with Dr KwikKwam you will have more information.

    Wishing you all the best.

  5. Thank you ladies. I know we will at least try medicated cycles with immune treatment – not sure if we’ll do IVF yet again or not

  6. Sorry I’ve been such a bad commentor lately! I’m working on catching up!! If you have any questions about being treated for auto/allo immune stuff I’m happy to answer, its really no big deal (except of course that dex sucks… but you’ve taken that so you know!) When is your appt with Dr. Kwak-Kim?

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