What a day!

I had the longest, craziest day yesterday. The night before, it seemed like AF was starting to slow down. While I was getting ready to leave for work, I began having pretty intense cramping. I thought it was odd because I was on CD 3, and AF is usually on her way out by CD 3-4. I was in a lot of pain, but I left for work anyway.

On my way to work, I began feeling GUSHES of blood. I started to panic because I didn’t think my pad was going to hold it! I hurried to work, went to the bathroom, and discovered that I passed a very large piece of tissue. It was probably 3 inches long and very thick. I was immediately grossed out and feeling fairly shocked.

Of course I went online and talked about it right away πŸ™‚ It was really freaky, but I didn’t think too much of it…..Until an hour later when I went back to the bathroom to find another freakin’ piece of tissue! It was like I gave birth to an alien or something. I felt really dizzy then. I was bleeding profusely and large clots were coming out. I called and left a message for the doctor.

I was contemplating going to the ER or trying to save some of the tissue for my doctor to examine. I had a previously scheduled appointment in the afternoon for my baseline ultrasound – to make sure I was okay to start my Femara and injectibles. No more aliens came out though, thankfully!!!

I left straight from work and headed down to Cincinnati to see my RE. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Columbus. My ultrasound went well – no cysts or any problems that would prevent me from starting my medications. I told him about the strange tissue, and he said it was normal. I prodded him, checking to see if he was sure. He said it shows I have a thicker lining now, which is good. Well, okay…but I’m dreading ever having AF come again.

On my way home, I made it about 3 miles down the highway before getting completely stuck in a traffic jam. There had been an accident up ahead somewhere. The highway was a frickin’ parking lot! I didn’t move more than a mile for 2 HOURS! It would normally take me 2 hours to get home.

At first I was fine, spending time on FB on my phone, listening to music, etc. I even saw the coolest thing at sunset. There were thousands of birds flying in and around the trees that lined the highway. It looked like a tornado of birds – I’ve never seen anything like that before. But then I just started getting pissed. I began worrying about getting back in time to pick up my Femara from the pharmacy, so I texted Andy. I SPECIFICALLY said I had 2 prescriptions at the pharmacy, but I had to start Femara tonight.

So finally, we started moving. And I drove another 2 hours. That makes a 6 hour road trip for a 5 minute appointment. I was tired, bitchy, and hungry, and I had just worked all day as well. I was getting close to Columbus around 8:30pm, so I called Andy to make sure he had gotten my prescription. He said no…he said he never received my 2nd text telling him when the pharmacy closed. I didn’t care! He knows they’re not open all night! He should have already gone! But he was at his precious band practice and acted like it was a big deal to leave early. I hung up on him.

I pulled into the drive through pharmacy at about 8:40-8:45pm. I decided to call Andy though, to see if he did indeed get the script. He said he just got it, so I turned around and went home. I came in and said hello to my kitties. I was pretty irritated with Andy though, so I ignored him. I walked over to take my prescription out of the bag, and it was PROGESTERONE. Not Femara. Only 1 prescription – when I told him there were 2. So I raced out the door to go get it myself.

I was halfway down the road, when I realized I forgot my wallet!!! Doh!!! I raced back home, grabbed it, and raced down the street. It was about 8:55pm, but the pharmacy is nearby. I saw there were 3 cars in the drive through, so I parked and ran in the store. The security guard was just closing the gate!!! I was huffing and puffing and waving my hands, saying “please no”! He must have thought I was nuts, but he let me in. I told him it was my husband’s fault, and he laughed. “Sure, blame it on the husband”, he smiled.

I was standing there all anxious and flustered, while they were searching for my prescription. They couldn’t find it! I probably looked like a drug addict waiting for my fix. At this point I was thinking that my cycle was going to be effed up. That I went all the way down to Cincinnati for nothing. That I sat in that traffic for all that time. And I wasn’t going to get my meds. Thankfully, they quickly filled it for me (it’s only 10 pills). I went home feeling half relieved/half fuming.

I yelled at Andy for a little bit (well, I don’t really yell, but I was stern). Then I noticed I was having a ton of EWCM on the night of CD 3 – WTH?! But why not?! My uterus had strange things coming out all day! I poked around for a little bit, trying to de-stress from the day.

I sat there thinking about my day. How it went from giving birth to aliens, to a meeting with the dildo cam, to crazy traffic, thousands of birds, Andy being a dumbass, me being a total nutcase, nearly missing my meds, EWCM, and not getting home until like 9:30pm after being gone since 6:30am that morning — and all I could do was LAUGH! I was totally loopy at that point. I gave Andy a goodnight kiss, and playfully slapped him…and I went to bed πŸ™‚

At least everything turned out okay πŸ™‚ LOL


6 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. wow! im finally able to read your blog! You did have a interesting day. sorry to hear how hectic it was! glad you got your meds tho! yay….

  2. EWCM on CD3?!?! That is totally weird. Holy moly! I think you should mention it to your doc. Regular REs don’t care about CM (?), but the Napro docs really do, I think.

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