:) :)

To all my lovely, supportive ladies…

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5 thoughts on “:) :)

  1. RE: The deleted post. Oh, honey, take a deep breath and try to ignore the naysayers. If people truly have nothing better to do than to criticize your life, then think about how small their own lives must be. Some people will bring us joy and surprise us, and others will always disappoint. Taking the high road is tough, but makes us better than those who feel compelled to be instigators.

  2. Aww Lisa you are such an inspiration to me. When I think of giving up I look at everything you have been through and that you are still trying to make your miracle happen, I am reminded that I can keep on too. You are so strong and one day will both have our miracle babies. All this will still be a part of us, but it will be behind us and our days will be filled with better and brighter things! It will happen and you will have your precious little one. The Lord put us on this path and the only outcome is to be a mother! He never promised us that it would be easy or quick getting there, but once we are finally mothers we will know why our path was bumpier than most others. ❤ I pray for you and Andy often. ❤

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