The 2nd bedroom

We moved into this 2 bedroom townhouse last May. We had more hope then. August brought devastating news from Dr. Sher. But then November brought hopeful news from my surgery. There is still an empty 2nd bedroom that I don’t know what to do with.

On good days, I dream of what the nursery will look like. On bad days, I think about turning it into an office or man cave for Andy. Everyday, I can’t stand walking past it and seeing it empty. Like a manifestation of my empty womb and empty arms.

Sometimes I think, we have to do something with it! Maybe it’s giving off  a bad vibe, just sitting there, serving no purpose. If you build it, they will come, right? Haha, but then I’m the crazy lady with baby stuff for a baby that may never come.

Andy put some music equipment in that room recently, because we had no other place to put it. It made me really sad. That’s the baby’s room. If we fill it with random things, where will the baby go? 😦



10 thoughts on “The 2nd bedroom

  1. I know the feeling! When we bought our house, our 3rd bedroom immediately went up as a guest room….I feel sad every time I’m in there, because I thought I would be moving that extra bed out of there soon after it went in. Until then, it remains the same…collecting junk of the non-baby variety. Hugs to you!

  2. I had a thought. What if you made it into the ‘office/man cave’ you’ve previously thought of. The reason I say this is almost the same concept of ‘couples who adopt get pregnant.’ Maybe if you were to convert the room into something other than a possibly nursery it’ll help take some stress off your shoulders. I hope this helps, you’re a strong woman Lisa!

  3. ((hugs)) I struggled with the same feelings, especially after losing our triplets. We had started to remodel our spare bedroom completely once I made it to the second trimester and things started feeling like they might actually work out. We literally tore the room down to just the studs and started re-doing it. Halfway into the remodel, we lost the triplets. For months, the room just kind of sat in limbo still torn apart. I hated seeing it like that, but it was almost harder once the construction was finally finished and we had it set up as a guest bedroom instead of a nursery.

  4. We have two spare rooms, one is almost finished and one we haven’t even begun to work on. When Matt and I discuss finishing the first one he usually brings up that the room is supposed to be a nursery and we might as well not spend the money and wait. I know he is being practical and trying to not make me think about the empty room so bless his heart but it still tugs on my heart as well. As for a man cave, he has a shop that is all his which is nice at times!

  5. Fill it with things that you find comforting. Like candles, stereo for good music, maybe a tv with dvr so you can watch movies. A woman cave if you will?? 🙂

  6. Yea I just turned mine into a exercise room after 6 years of waiting to decorate a nursery. It was really weird at first but now I feel better knowing it is serving a purpose and not some huge empty lonely reminder of what Ill ever have.

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  8. We have a similar situation, except we started our baby room off as my office, before we even started trying, so now it’s just sitting there waiting to be transitioned into something else. We thought of making it an exercise room, right now I used the guest bedroom for that but it just feels wrong to make it something other than what it was intended for – it feels like giving up on a dream or something. But the truth it’s, you can make it anything you want right now, and when the time comes t make it nursery, you will joyfully make the change 🙂

  9. So we also have this would-be baby’s room in our house. To try and get a bit of Murphy’s law action, we have painted it un-baby colours and it is now “the office”. (I would redocorate in a heartbeat if we had a baby! Fo’ sure!). So I would say – don’t leave it empty! Put something in there that will be a hassle to change – then Murphey’s law will say right away you’ll have your own bundle of joy! 🙂

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