Wait, I don’t know if we should get excited yet

Yesterday morning I was really excited to see a darker line on my cheapie test. It felt amazing to see progression. I have only seen progression one other time, in all of my pregnancies. The cheapie tests are quite sensitive – often picking up HCG before the store brand tests and digitals. I decided to try an FRER and Answer yesterday afternoon to get a “true” confirmation…big disappointment though 😦 They both had the faintest of lines (if I didn’t have super line vision, I’d call them BFN), and the worrying commenced.

You would think, a line is good, right? Even if it’s faint? No, not for me. I’ve been through so many low beta and faint line situations. I know the endings of those situations, and they are never good. I don’t mean to sound negative – but failed implantation happens to me a lot. Could this time be different? Perhaps. Although, I am wondering if my autoimmune issues are truly the reason for all of this. It could be too soon to tell. I’m trying not to think that way. I’m praying that my surgery fixed my major problems.

I wasn’t going to test this morning – at first. I figured it would make me feel worse again. BUT I’m so glad I did, because my cheapies are wayyy darker than yesterday! A huge leap in such a short time. I also finally have a line on another brand of test. However, the Dollar Tree tests are not always accurate. I’m scared of using another “good test”. There’s no way that alllll of these tests (yes, there have been many) over the last 3 days or so have been false positives or evaps.

So, where does this leave me? Feeling much better today…still not too confident (obviously)…not going to take any other tests today…going to wait a couple days before trying another “good test”…and probably holding off on my beta until maybe Wednesday? I am tired of my doctor’s office asking if I’m sure I had a positive test because my beta was only [insert super low single digit number here]. I also figured out that I may have ovulated even later than I thought, which would make me earlier dpo-wise. If I am only 11dpo – Wednesday’s beta would be 14dpo, which is a good time for that, I think.

So, let’s not get too excited yet. No matter what happens, it’ll be ok. I’ve been through it before, so it’s not as difficult as it used to be. I still have hope that we can have a baby, once we get through all this crap. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I pretty much didn’t have to tweak these – I just brightened them up. Still not dark, but much more visible than my previous tests. πŸ™‚




9 thoughts on “Wait, I don’t know if we should get excited yet

  1. I have never considered looking at the Dollar Store for pregnancy tests! Does yours sell ovulation tests too?

  2. I`m one that has been hoping for you but not sure of the lines. UNTIL TODAY! I totally see that line today. Great progression. πŸ™‚ Can`t wait to hear about your beta, whenever you decide to get it!

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