2nd cycle post surgery = success!!!

I’m SO excited!!!

Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant!!! I cannot believe it! And I finally have hope that this one will stick. Because of the surgery, I don’t feel terrified. Okay, I’m a little scared, but who wouldn’t be? πŸ™‚ I will probably get a beta on Monday (fingers crossed my tests stay positive).

This cycle was unlike any other cycle I’ve had. We were supposed to be on a break, but we BD A LOT throughout my cycle though – just for fun. At first, I thought I would have ovulated on Christmas day – that would be my average ovulation day (based on past cycles). Normally, we would pretty much stop BD after my fertile window. However, I was still finishing my Estrogen tablets (prescribed after surgery for 45 days) during the first part of my cycle, so my ovulation day was delayed. Thankfully we were still BD for the heck of it.

I’m wayyy past when AF would be due (today is CD 32), and I typically have really short cycles. Especially last cycle (my first cycle post-op) – I had a 22 day cycle with spotting for 3 days prior to AF. I think I am about 13dpo today…..I am still unsure of when I actually ovulated. I could be anywhere from 10-15dpo.

This may sound odd, but I just knew I was pregnant. I was stalking the September Due Date forum before I even ovulated. I don’t know how I knew. A couple things that clued me in, were my autoimmune symptoms and hormonal changes. My skin flared up sooo badly with eczema – I felt itchy allll over and still do. My joints and back have been achy and my BBs have been sore. I’ve had crazy vivid dreams from ovulation on.

These are terrible pics, but there is a thick pink line. It’s not a dark line yet, but I’m still early.

Yesterday afternoon’s test (in a little better lighting)

I tested kind of early πŸ˜‰ I’m not supposed to do that! Especially on a break! I didn’t know when AF was due though. I got a couple convincing evaps/false positives. So then I thought, shit, here we go again with these damn crappy tests. However, 2 days ago, I got a real line. I still thought it was probably an evap. But then yesterday it was darker – on multiple tests (yes, I’m an addict)! And today it’s darker yet!!!!!

This morning, after seeing that test, I broke down sobbing. It’s really real. And it’s progressing….so far. I can’t even explain the mixture of joy and nervousness that I feel. I’m shaking and bursting with emotion. We might have a real chance this time. Oh thank you God! And I’m so thankful for my doctor, as well as all of you who have been there for me. I want this for you!!!


15 thoughts on “2nd cycle post surgery = success!!!

  1. Take some better tests. PLEASE
    I want this for you SO much, but I just don’t fully trust IC tests.
    I’m hoping beyond hope that this is your sticky little bean πŸ˜€

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