6 weeks post-op update/issues

I feel as good as new! I’d say after about 7-8 days, I felt pretty good. Then after 2 weeks, I finally felt normal again. My belly button still has a line straight through it. I had been using Neosporin 2-3 times a day, but I think I can switch over to Mederma now that it’s healed. Any other tips for minimizing scars? I think I’ll always have a line there. BUT it’s totally worth it!! πŸ™‚ I can’t stand anything touching or rubbing my belly button. It just creeps me out and feels weird, and I don’t know why!! I’m going to attempt to put in my belly button ring again (got it when I was a teenager and just stuck with it).

*I just realized that my belly button pics look kinda like vaginas OMG LMAO – sorry!

Now for today’s (looks pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago):

My smaller incision down in my pubic region has healed, but it keeps getting irritated by my undies. I probably should put a band-aid on it. The other day a piece of dry skin came off (okay – I admit, I picked at it LOL), and then I realized that there was a tiny string of stitches coming out!! I was tugging on it because I didn’t know what it was at first. It freaked me out! I thought they only put surgical glue on it. I guess they are the dissolvable stitches, but how long does those darn things take to go away?! I’m a nurse, but I’m not very familiar with operations. I don’t see them coming out anymore because the skin closed over it again.Β  I learned my lesson to leave it alone πŸ˜‰ I hope all of that didn’t gross you out πŸ™‚

My first cycle post-op was kind of odd. I ovulated on time but had a little bit shorter LP. I spotted for 3 days prior to AF. Then AF was soooo mean and painful. I cramped worse than any other AF. I actually had to take some of my leftover Vicodin 😦 –And I don’t like pain pills, so that says a lot. Right now, I am on CD 22, I think (trying not to focus on that). This cycle, I’m pretty sure I ovulated a week later than normal…WTH? It could be from surgery or it could be from the Estrogen tablets they made me take to re-build my lining. 45 days of Estrogen 2 times a day = super hormonal Lisa. Not cool. I’m done with those stupid pills now – yay!!

So we’ll see how long this cycle is, especially since I O’d later (I think). Fingers crossed that I don’t get that pesky spotting before AF and have another mean visit from her. Another thing I wanted to mention is that my appt with Dr. Kwak-Kim (Reproductive Immunologist) was rescheduled for 2/13/12 😦 It’s understandable because she’s ill, but it’s still very disappointing to wait another 5 weeks to see her. I’ve been waiting SO long to get in to see her and get her thoughts on Dr. Sher’s grim diagnosis. I’m curious what she will think now that I’ve had surgery, with everything they discovered. I’ve been finding others with similar autoimmune/genetic diagnoses that have had success!! Hoping for good news in February! Maybe I’ll end up pregnant by then ??? We’re not trying/not preventing, but who knows πŸ™‚

***Please stop over at unaffected’s blog. After 4 1/2 years, she finally conceived her miracle through IVF. She saw a strong heartbeat and 7 & 8 weeks, but Monday at 9 weeks, her baby’s heart had stopped beating. It is so sad, and I’m so heartbroken for her.Β  😦 😦 😦


12 thoughts on “6 weeks post-op update/issues

  1. I’ve read that taking estrogen can delay follicle growth. I typically O around CD 24 but when I was on clomid/estrogen I never Oed until after CD 30 :-/

    Your comment about your belly button had me LOLing at work haha.

    Always thinking of you Lisa!

  2. Your belly button will heal and stop being irritated but it will take a while. Mine is still a bit pinkish but the “line” is gone. I also had the same thing happen with the incisions on my pubic line. They were irritated by jeans and the stitched poked out. I even had to go in and have one yanked out bc it wouldnt heal up.

  3. I agree–the belly button will heal! You can’t even tell that I have a scar in mine. There is still a slightly purple line by my pelvic bone (had surgery in Sept ’09), but the belly button shows no evidence of anything.

    Sorry your AF was bad. Apparently it’s really common for the first one after the lap to be pretty painful (mine was). It will get better each cycle, though.

    I am so disappointed for you that your consult was rescheduled–I was so looking forward to hearing what she had to say!

  4. I think your belly button looks like it’s healing great. Mine still has the line, but I haven’t bothered putting any scar stuff on it. Battle wounds, IMO! My lower one is darker, but has shrunk down to the size of the scar from where I got a mole removed. Mine will probably always be visible with this ghost white skin! Can’t wait to hear what the new doc has to say, but it stinks you have to wait…again!

  5. I’m so glad you updated us, I’ve missed your posts! Don’t stress about the stich, I had the same thing happen in my belly button after my first lap, the doc even thought it was a staff infection until we found out my body just really didn’t like the disolvable stiches. We had to pull some of it out and cut it off, then my healing really started! I can’t wait to hear about your appointment with Dr. Kwak-Kim, sorry it was delayed, I HATE it when they delay the ones I’m excited about!

  6. I recommend my patients use cocoa butter with Vitamin E on their scars…it works great! Can’t wait to hear about your consult!!

  7. Lol at the vag bellybutton photos. So hilarious. Didn’t even think of that until you said something πŸ˜›
    That sucks that your appointment was pushed back so much!!
    I still fully believe that 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you!!!

  8. I have a scar in my belly button from my gallbladder surgery from many years ago; but at the time I didn’t think about trying to put anything on it to make it look better. As for the stitches, some stitches don’t dissolve, I had some when I tore during childbirth that kinda just fell out on their own.
    I pray that the new dr gives you some better answers than Dr Sher did. Keep us posted

  9. Bummer that your appointment got pushed out so far – I guess it proves that doctors are human too 😦

    I hope that your body continues to heal even if it’s on its own timeline. πŸ˜‰

    So happy to read an update from you!

  10. I’ve been such a slacker with my reader, but I’m so glad to see your update and to see that you seem to be doing really well. I’m really pleased to read that the surgery went well and looking forward to more good news from you in the future!

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