A Second Chance at Life

I felt inspired to write this, in part, by the changes Andy and I are making. I also felt quite affected and moved by my friend, Naycee’s, daughter who got a new heart a month ago.

“A Second Chance At Life” by Lisa Bailey

Prophets preach the coming of the dawn

The people wait for the light that brings calm

The sun shall rise and bless each being

Earth child bowing, crooked men fleeing

Old wives weep, others are sleeping

Dreams of what is to be

Wishing they could foresee

Moonlight glows and all remain

A slight ray of light seen across the plain

Few people move forth and begin to prepare

Some lurk in the shadows and deny the dare

There comes a time to accept your fate

Sadly for some it may be too late

Judgement day is here and much to your dismay

You realized you wasted your whole life away

Locking doors, building barriers, breaking ties

Ignoring love, trusting hate, telling lies

The stars become dim, as the night sky beings to fade

The sun breaches the horizon and light cascades

Spilling its enchantment over hilltops and ravines

Rolling over Mother Earth, making her gleam

Rushing through the streams, now water of gold

Gliding through the grass, making its emerald so bold

Animating the forests, caressing the trees

Painting a rainbow on every last leaf

Dancing daisies on the hill stretch upward to bask in the glow

As lilacs and lillies smile grandly from the valley below

Silently watching the world come alive

Love enters your heart and tears sting your eyes

How could I have ever taken this for granted?

A world so beautiful, lovely, enchanted

As you embrace those around you for the very first time

A new way of thinking enters your mind

The gateway to your soul has been unleashed

You have discovered the goal you were meant to reach

Life is worth living

Love is worth fighting for

A realization you never thought possible before…

A second chance at life.


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