Goodbye, or see you later

I’m sorry, I posted this yesterday, but I deleted it because I accidentally hurt my buddy group’s feelings. It was not my intent to make them sound like bullies. They are caring friends who helped me see some things I was in denial about. Andy and I have some personal and financial issues we need to work on before TTC again. I have shed many tears over this decision, but it’s for the best. When we have a child, I want our home and our lives to be the best possible place for a little one. I have put TTC above all things for a long time, and it’s way overdue for me to focus on myself and my relationships.

I have a lot of love and respect for you all. I hope it’s not goodbye for long. Let’s just say see you later. Much love to all.

24 thoughts on “Goodbye, or see you later

  1. Lisa I hope this period of needing to regroup goes by quickly and maybe allows you a blessing in the midst of it. I too am starting to come to terms with James and I needing to start focusing on finances and such instead o fttc. I am ready for less medical bills and stress each month. Sending you lots of love and prayers yours and andy’s way.

  2. Here from ICLW. What a tough decision to make but some of the best decisions are the hardest..You are doing what is best for your relationship so that when you do conceive again, that baby is born in to a happy and healthy home! Anyway, just an FYI, my blog is set to private but if you want to visit got ICLW just send me a request! Needing to keep out the riff-raff for just a bit longer! =)

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