There has been so much amazing news going around lately! I’ve seen so many of the long term TTC’ers get their BFPs recently on twoweekwait.com! It gives me hope. Yesterday was the most awesome day by far!

First, my wonderful friend, unaffected, got her 2nd beta back from her FET. It doubled and then some! She and her husband had been TTC for 4.5 years with “unexplained infertility”. Although, she was diagnosed by Dr. Sher with activated NK Cells and +APA. She did not use any intralipids or specialized treatments (other than a typical medicated FET cycle) but still got pregnant! She is now on Lovenox for the +APA.

Another sweet friend @ A Miracle in the Works, got her TOTALLY natural BFP!! Also after being diagnosed with activated NK Cells and being told she needed IVF.

The BEST news EVER is that my dear friend Naycee got the news that her baby girl would get a new heart!!!! I’ve posted about little Jasmine before. The poor little 6 month old girl was declining, and her family was suffering so much. Yesterday, the transplant took place and so far it was a great success! What a fantastic miracle, and it couldn’t have come sooner. My thoughts and prayers go out to the donor family, who gave the most precious gift and saved a life. *For all the latest updates on the little fighter, please visit their Facebook Page – Jasmine’s Hopeful Heart.

God is good!!!

I’m feeling a little better each day that passes since the surgery. I’m healing both physically and emotionally. The discoveries that were made during surgery have renewed my hope. This is the first time I’ve TRULY felt hopeful since our IVF cycle a year ago. I’m daydreaming of BFPs and baby names …. πŸ™‚ I hope this positive trend continues, not just for me, but for EVERYONE! xoxo

13 thoughts on “*Amazing-ness*

  1. I’ve been amazed by all the good news going around too! I’m hoping it rubs off on us! πŸ˜‰ I’m really hopeful for you after the surgery. I think it was a huge step forward!

  2. God has been working bc there has been so many miracles all around us lately! Im glad you have hope and I pray that your doctors findings will lead you to your bfp!!!! ❀ ya

  3. You’re going to get your sticky bean. I just know it. Now that you have basically a brand spankin new uterus for a baby to snuggle up in, you’re gonna get knocked up in no time and get your baby!!!

  4. Lisa I love your positivity and am so happy your friends daughter is going to be okay! I feel so hopeful for you and your posts make me feel more hopeful about my situation as well!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! I also love your blog. I’m going to start following you; looking forward to positive updates! I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. I’m just starting my infertility journey. I also have autoimmune issues, and I’m scared to see where this will be going in the coming months and years.

    On a more positive note – I love the way you have set up your blog. Obviously, with that many comments and followers, people have decided to follow your story! I have my own blog on here as well, but I’m having trouble getting it to really take off! I’m sure this isn’t the right place for this, but I’d love some feedback on how you are making your story so easily accessible for people to read. Thank you very much!


  6. Fabulous news! I’m just catching up – just saw the news about what they found in your Lap. This is incredible! I’m so very happy for you, and am very excited to see what happens when you start trying again!!!

  7. Such wonderful news for Jasmine and her family… thinking of her from afar πŸ™‚ I find BFPs such an inspiration at the moment… helps keep me on track. Great that you’re recovering and optimistic… that counts for so much on this TTC path xoxo

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