“Maybe someday…”

“Maybe Someday” – a poem of early losses by Lisa Bailey

You left me suddenly.

No chance for goodbyes.

My heart breaks…

It’s not your fault or mine.

The bond felt strong…

Even though I didn’t really know you.

How can that be?

Rain falls with a sky so blue…

Where is my rainbow?

Nothing makes sense anymore.

I still see you there, off in the distance…

But where? Behind what door?

Or are you only in my dreams?

What do I need to do?

You’re always just beyond my reach…

And nothing is what it seems

Your body is a shadow, fragile and small…

Still, you are beautiful to me.

I’m crying, can you hear my call?

Were you ever even real?

Can you come closer?

It all seems surreal.

I can’t comprehend.

I’ve been waiting for so long…

And yearning…

To hold you in my arms

But it won’t be today.

Maybe someday…


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