My Lap and a reason to have hope again

Yesterday turned out to be nothing like I expected it to be! Not only did my doctor perform a Lap, but he also did an HSG and D&C. I woke up in the recovery room in extreme pain and with an intensely dry mouth. The nurse had to give me Morphine through my IVF. It took 2 doses before the pain lessened, but even then, it only went down a couple of notches. I didn’t think it would be that bad! Then again, I didn’t know at the time how much they had actually done to me while I was out.

I couldn’t wait to have something to drink and see my hubby. I had to remain in recovery by myself for about an hour, which sucked because I was very much awake and anxious (but loopy). The nurse finally gave me some ice chips, which helped quite a bit. After what felt like an eternity, they wheeled me into another room. My husband came in and gave me a big hug. I was allowed to have some soda, which tasted heavenly. Thankfully, I have a smart hubby who wrote things down while talking to the doctor because I didn’t get to see or talk to my doctor after surgery. It’s okay – I imagine he had to stay on schedule.

My doctor found Stage II Endometriosis throughout my whole uterine cavity, which shocked me since I don’t really have any symptoms. He also discovered a film-like substance/scar tissue around my right ovary. I knew something was wrong there because I have only been ovulating from my left ovary for quite awhile. The biggest problem found was a Septate Uterus. I was born with an abnormal uterine septum. My old doctor should have seen that abnormality 2 years ago when I had an HSG! It can be a huge factor in miscarriages – especially with my specific Septate and my EARLY losses.

A normal uterus looks like this:

My uterus kind of looks like this (well, not anymore since they repaired it):

I’m actually lucky because my type of septum can be removed (and they did take it out), so there should be a significant increase of fertility. Basically, I had an extra clump of tissue hanging down between the fallopian tubes. Anytime a fertilized egg would make its way down the tubes and toward the uterine cavity, it would either get blocked by the septum, damaged by running into it, or it would try to implant ON the septum. The septum is fibrous tissue that doesn’t contain enough blood vessels to feed a growing embryo, and it’s not an ideal spot at all for implantation. This makes so much sense as to why I would continue having chemical pregnancies!

I have one incision in my belly button and one above my hair line on my pubic bone. They removed my septum and put in a catheter with a balloon to keep proper formation. I have to go back in one week to have the balloon removed. Then my uterus will be almost as good as new! 🙂 My doctor prescribed Estrogen tablets to be taken every day for 45 days. This will rebuild my lining (which they removed during the D&C). Towards the last doses of Estrogen, I will begin Provera to re-boot my body and start a new cycle. He said I shouldn’t have a period prior to that. I was hoping we could resume TTC quickly, but I guess I can wait a couple of months.

So, I don’t know whether to still believe Dr. Sher that there is no hope of me ever carrying a baby?! His autoimmune diagnosis makes a lot of sense, too. Most doctors don’t agree with him, including my doctor. Plus, I’ve been pregnant 8 times. I feel like with this repair, we DO have a chance. I’ll have to see what Dr. Kwak-Kim says as well, when I get my 2nd opinion with her in January. It’s nice to have a reason to feel more hopeful again 🙂

I can’t tell you how glad I am to have done this!!! Even though I’m still having serious pain today and feeling awfully uncomfortable, I am so so thankful to have more answers. I feel like we are finding the missing pieces to the puzzle. Boy, I never knew there were SO MANY missing puzzle pieces! I can’t imagine having any more diagnoses than I do now. Wow. But if we can get through all of this and have a baby, I don’t mind any of it at all!

43 thoughts on “My Lap and a reason to have hope again

  1. I am SOOO happy for you. You mentioned you have poor uterine blood circulation. What does your lining measure before ovulation? I have lining issues and need some hope!

    • My lining seems to measure pretty good, but some of the blood and tissue isn’t getting oxygen unfortunately. Do you take baby aspirin? It is good for promoting circulation and blood flow. Also acupuncture and yoga can help keep that blood moving. I’m sorry you’re having issues 😦 I hope it improves! Sometimes the doctor can put you on estrogen to pump up your lining. If you have other questions, please email me at Baby4Lisa(at)gmail(dot)com. 🙂

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