A scare

Today has been awful. The tattoo on my foot hasn’t wanted to heal. It started getting red, sore, and swollen.
I went to the doctor this morning to get it checked out. The doctor scared me and said I needed to go to the ER for IV antibiotics. I have some Cellulitis on my foot 😦
I went staight to the ER from there. The ER doctor wasn’t as concerned as the first doctor, which made me feel better.
They gave me a strong dose of antibiotics and prescriptions for 2 different antibiotics. (Baby safe)
I felt so guilty and upset. I was so afraid that my bean would be harmed. The infection seems to be localized to my foot though.
I never would have gotten the tattoo if I thought I would actually end up pregnant! I was just so tired of avoiding things and missing out on things due to TTC.
I hope my foot heals quickly!!


5 thoughts on “A scare

  1. I’ll be praying for your foot! Cellulitis is scary but it sounds like you have good docs who reacted quick to the situation! By the way the tatoo is really cute and I love that you went for it. Its amazing all the things we let IF hold us back from!

  2. praying everything is ok, which i know it will be. I know I felt horrible both times I found out I was pregnant the weekend before I had one beer…. I know it was nothing to harm the baby, but still made me feel horrible

  3. Sweet heart, I was thinking about this…and with your auto immune disorder, I think (possibly) the reason your body has allowed this pregnancy to progress past your usual level (and continue!!! Praying!!) is because of your cold your body had to fight off around O and now this Cellulitis. Leaving your body to think the baby is okay. I have heard of it for other women, so I hope this is the case for you! Who knows though! I hope this antibiotics do their job and your tattoo heals soon, and your ultrasound fills your heart with so much hope, peace, and LOVE!! ♥

  4. as if you need something else to worry about. hoping you feel better soon, try to remember that women do this crap all the time before they know they are pregnant and things are fine. This baby is a keeper, I just know it

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