Birthday…Due Date…Tattoo

Today is my 29th birthday. I have mixed emotions about this day. For one, I’m getting older and my biological clock is ticking faster than most people’s. I hate to think my body is getting worse! I wish I could slow it down. I’m not looking forward to early menopause!

Today would have been my due date for IVF #2 angel baby. That loss was probably my most devastating out of all of them. It’s just that I put my body and soul through so much and believed so strongly it would work, that it’s twice as difficult  to deal with than the others. As a reminder every month, I’m still paying a bill for the baby the will never be.

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo to comemorate what I’ve been through. I was thinking something with a butterfly, halo, heart, or wings? I’m not sure. It would be my first, so I’m kind of scared. 🙂 Any ideas?

I really can’t complain about today though. I have my loving husband, my health, a good job, friends & family, and many things to be grateful for. Hopefully this year will bring some great new wonderful things.


18 thoughts on “Birthday…Due Date…Tattoo

  1. Happy birthday to you, Lisa! I think a tattoo would be a lovely idea. I’ve thought about doing something similar ever since my open heart surgery. It’s just hard to find that one thing that sums it all up, that would stand the test of time, and still mean something 20 or 30 years down the road. I hope you can enjoy your day and I, too, hope your 29th year brings you good health, renewed faith and joy, and new beginnings.

  2. Wishing you much love and happiness on your b’day! It’s a great of celebrating to remember all the wonderful things you have in your life already. A tattoo is a nice idea – whatever resonates with you, you’ll know it when you come across it!

  3. Happy birthday Lisa! I want to tell you how much I appreciate your positive attitude, you bring so much to the IF community with your support and knowlege. You’re also the reason I started blogging, which I swear is the reason I’ve survived the last year, so thank you, thank you! I hope that the hubs takes good care of you today and tells you how special you really are!

  4. I have been also thinking about getting some sort of tattoo to remember our losses. I don’t know what I would pickk. I kind of want a cross with whatever symbol I choose to represent each around it/above it. My friend has had one miscarriage and she got angel wings with the date in the middle of them. It is super cute.

    Good luck hun! And Happy Birthday! I am sorry for all you have been though, if I could do anything to fix it…I totally would.

  5. Happy birthday! I love tattoos- I like the idea of butterflies or a flower with petals for each of your losses…I hope this year brings you good things!

  6. Happy birthday, dear Lisa! I love the idea of a tattoo. I’ve thought about it too but am too chicken. If I did, I would do a pair of tiny angel wings (maybe with the date of our loss on the wings month/day).

    I really hope that your 29th year is amazing and all of your birthday wishes come true!


  7. Happy, happy birthday Lisa! Hopefully 29 will be your year to shine! Love the tattoo idea…excited to hear what you pick!

  8. Hey, I am actually doing a tattoo for the pregnancy loss I had last year. What I am doing is a miscarriage/infant loss ribbon with a butterfly with his name and loss date. I am making sure that there is room for more if that happens (both my and DHs side of the family, pregnancy loss is abundant). DH had his done back in August and his was an hourglass that has broken. There are a couple ideas. Also, don’t worry, the pain is not that bad. Good luck! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you had an awesome day and that this year brings you lots of blessings. I think a tattoo is a beautiful idea. I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  10. Happy birthday hon!
    I got a tattoo on my first due date, and I found it to be a cleansing experience. It was of two butterflies (one for each loss at the time, I still plan on adding a third), on my left ankle, and the artist drew them especially for me after hearing my story.
    I think it’s a wonderful way of commemorating your losses, and definitely think you should do it. Just choose wisely. Make sure to find a symbol that you connect to personally. Butterflies were the right choice for me because I’ve always loved them. If you have any sort of talisman object or something you find significant, I think you should definitely go with that.
    Thinking of you today, and hope you have an amazing day!

  11. Happy Birthday! I think a tattoo is a really nice way to commemorate this experience. But personally I can’t think of anything I want on my body forever… If you do it, definitely share a pic!

  12. You were writing this out and feeling so blue. Lo and behold, there was a baby-to-be battling the odds to make it through. I’ve stalked your blog and I’m so happy to see that it’s finally happened for you.

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