I’m going to be more positive and that’s that.

AF finally arrived a few days late, and I’m now on CD 3. We’ve decided on a whim, to use my last refill of Clomid this cycle. I keep wondering…why have we gotten pregnant more times this year than any other time? We just need one to stick. It could happen. Maybe.

Yes, the odds are against us. But haven’t we all read stories where women were told they would never conceive or carry a baby to term – and lo and behold – they beat the odds! I want to be one of those stories.

If I have to go through hell and back, I will get my baby. I will do anything, whether that means to keep trying and miscarrying, surrogacy, adoption, or what have you. And if I can help inspire others because of, or in spite of all my struggles – then bring it on! I find great purpose in helping others. Maybe that is why I’m on this path, as hellish as it is.

I’m going to make infertility my bitch!!! lol


21 thoughts on “I’m going to be more positive and that’s that.

  1. Love the vibe of this post! Keep up the good energy, Lisa, your baby is out there and I have no doubt you’ll get it, even if you have to go to hell and back!! Hugs!

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