Testing early is bad!!

The subject says it all! LOL. I can’t believe I haven’t learned my lesson yet about testing early. You would think I would have by now, with all my terrible luck. I am going to do my best not to test until AF is late from now on – or not at all! I’m thinking that either I’m picking up on fertilization/the start of implantation – or I have terrible luck with evaps and such.

It’s hard to believe I will ever have a strong positive with good betas and a take home baby. We will keep “sorta trying” and keeping our fingers crossed. I can’t wait til my better insurance kicks in, so I can go get a 2nd opinion on my new DX. I am just curious what info I can find out. Other than that, I’ll keep putting money in our surrogacy savings account. Hopefully something good will pan out.

And AF is still not here! I’m 1 day late now, but have no desire to test anymore this cycle! It could just be a wacky cycle. Being off fertility drugs can cause wacky things.


10 thoughts on “Testing early is bad!!

  1. I agree on all your points- testing sucks in general (I will not even buy a HPT anymore) and fertility drugs do very, very odd things to the body. Mostly I am so sorry that you find yourself in this place. sending you lots of love.

  2. Lisa- I used to test early just like you. And eventually I realized it was bad for my mental health. (For me personally.) It’s not like I didn’t know I could have a chemical, and I didn’t really want to count them anymore. Now I only test if I am late because that would be the first sign things were not going well.

    I don’t really believe in multiple false positives, but as Dr. Sher explained, it’s not an issue with your eggs and sperm meeting up, it’s an issue about them continuing to grow. I am sorry you have to go through this at all.

  3. I agree…My sister used to yell at me regularly for testing too early. She kept saying, “if you are pregnant, you will still be pregnant in another week. Better to wait rather than messing with your head.”

    Wishing you luck with insurance and doctors. I hope you get some useful info.

  4. Oh I agree. Testing early just drives you batshit crazy. I still do it though. Maybe it’s a control thing or something or wanting to prepare myself for the worst, I dunno.

  5. I agree with you, but sometimes it’s so hard to wait until AF is actually late. Good luck with the second opinion – I’m crossing my fingers they have some additional options to suggest for you.

  6. I agree that testing early is bad for your mental health, i went through many months of chemical pregnancies from testing early – i went to see doctor as i thought there must have been something wrong with me after the previous miscarriage and she told me to stop going on the websites like two week wait, stop taking my temp, go on my holiday and eat what i like and drink what i like and soon after i DIDNT test til after AF due i found out i was pregnant and my stress and worry about the pregnancy lasting didnt effect the implanting as it had already been done! Was really hard though cos i was really obsessed with getting pregnant and now i have a healthy 4 month old little girl! I really really hope it works for you, maybe you might need to try to think about other things for a while. That said i still go on two week wait to see the pee sticks even though i really dont want anymore children now, my dh thinks im mad! Rooting for you Lisa xx

  7. Testing early is the devil! BUT we all do it, because we still han gon to that slim chance of hope that maybe THIS month is THE month, and after many months/years of TTC every minute to end the torture and the disappointment is precious!
    I have decided not to test early anymore also, especially since our RE told DH and I that our chances of natural conception are 2% in any given cycle. I am 2 (possibly 3) days late today by my calculations, and I am still holding back from testing because I am too afraid of the disappointment.
    The only thing is…I am invited for work drinks tonight, and I am tempted to test just to find out if I can drown my sorrows in a couple of margaritas…how practical of me!
    I feel like I have lost some of the hope…
    Anyway, all the best to you. Thanks for sharing your story, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the new road ahead brings you closer to your family!

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