Infertility and Self Esteem Part II

Thanks so much for all the comments on my last post! I loved reading all the responses. However, I hate that our self esteem is being affected by this terrible thing called infertility. I thought I’d talk a little bit about coping strategies since you guys had some great suggestions!

Some things that were mentioned were therapy (specifically an IF therapist), meds, joining an online forum, joining a support group in real life (for instance through Resolve), blogging, writing, reading, bible studies/groups, finding a goal or activity non-IF related to focus on or work towards (like a 5K race), taking breaks between cycles, and finding relaxing activities to enjoy.

Many of these things, I already do. Sometimes I find myself being lazy or complacent and NOT using my coping strategies. I have many resources at my disposal, but sometimes I feel like just moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I know that’s not good, however I think there are times when we need to spend some time grieving and sorting through our problems on our own. It’s hard to reach out to others or do anything when you feel like crap. Those periods should not drag on for too long though, because it’s not healthy.

I’m definitely going to work on my coping skills again while I’m on my TTC break. So far, I’m feeling pretty good and relaxed. Hubby and I enjoyed a bottle of wine the other night and had unscheduled, fun BD. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Infertility and Self Esteem Part II

  1. I agree. I think sometimes we need to mope about. We need to feel sorry for ourselves and just get it out there. It’s not doing anyone any favors by keeping it bottled up and pretending like this doesn’t bother you.
    Sometimes that funk will last a bit longer than usual, but this is a constant struggle/battle and most of us will push on and get through it πŸ™‚

  2. That last part of your post made me smile! I always hated the dreaded talk with DH about him wanting to take breaks or not stress about it, but in the end he knew exactly what I needed. BD’ing for fun, drinking because you want to, or just flat out stuffing your face with delicious goodies makes the break worth it!

  3. Hi Lisa, I’ve been following you on TWW. I just wanted you to know I’m rooting for you. Sept will be 4 years for us. It’s been a total rollercoaster! 4 mc’s 2 ectopics, 1tube removal, & lots of tears. After my tube removal changedmy lifestyle and eating. Started doing yoga, ran a 5k;) I don’t eat soy dairy or gluten. I lost 30lbs. I started a small business. You name it and I’ve done it. And it really has helped. At first my nutrition was only about fertility,& then it was about health. I didn’t realize how good my body could feel. And never having run before in my life didn’t think I could do it. But at my 5k I finished in28 mins and 28 secs. Almost beating my brother who is a runner.
    And then of course there is my marriage. Luckily I have an awesome husband. A lesser man would have left a long time ago. Bit that’s why I married him;). The only time he has second guessed me was after my tube surgery. (he got really scared)

    Anyway, the truth is is that if it weren’t for infertility. I couldn’t have gotten here, where I’m at today. Still very actively trying, and very healthy. And hopefully I will get a take-home baby soon. I will be a better women and a better mom because of the road I have traveled to get there;)

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