Feeling frustrated with my doctors

I’ve been waiting for my test results from Dr. Sher since the end of June. I had a follow up scheduled, but it got canceled because not all my results were in. They were supposed to call me once everything came in. I bugged them about it, but apparently not enough.

I called again yesterday. They said my results were in, but Dr. Sher is now out of the office until August 18th. Darn it!! So my follow up is 8.18.11 at 6:30pm. I guess a couple more weeks won’t matter, but it still sucks.

I also called my regular RE, Dr. Scheiber, in hopes of speaking with him and asking some questions about my continuous chemical pregnancies. He was too busy to call me back. 😦 That was pretty disappointing. The nurse called me back instead, and said Dr. Scheiber is now recommending a Lap.

I’m not sure how I feel about getting a Lap done. I’ve thought about it before. My mom does has Endo. It may end up being a waste of time and money, but I’m kind of willing to do anything at this point. I was hoping we could do an HSG (I had one almost 2 years ago) or an SHG (never had one), but my doc said if we did one of those tests and found something, that we would have to do surgery anyway.

Hmph. I feel kind of neglected and confused about things. Sometimes I feel that I’m on this quest for “answers” that DON’T EXIST. All I know for sure is that I need a break – for awhile. Maybe a long while. I need to get my results from Dr. Sher and mull over the idea of a Lap. But first I just need to let my body and mind relax for awhile. No drugs, no tests, no TTC. We are going to be “not preventing” for now.


17 thoughts on “Feeling frustrated with my doctors

  1. Ugh. I hate feeling like no one has the time for dealing with me! A Lap is probably my next move too. Not sure how I feel about it either. I hope you can find some peace over the next couple weeks while waiting to hear from Dr. Sher. Big hug!

  2. I have been TTC for 4 years, I've done a total of 10 (!) IUI's.. For the longest time we had no clue why things were not working for us. In April my RE told us we should move to IVF, but that we could do a lap first to rule out anything we may have missed. I never had any real symptoms of Endo, except for some spotting.. Was very nervous about the lap. It ended up being a very easy experience, my RE found a fair amount of Endo and removed it. I am now cautiously pregnant (10 weeks) after 2 more IUI's. I am incredibly happy I made the decision to do the lap! It is definitely a step you should not be afraid to take as it may provide you with answers and hopefully good results! Good luck!

  3. I've been a follower for a while. I was curious, have you tried acupunture? I just started my first session on Monday and I'll be going in once if not twice a week. They will recommend herbs as well. Find someone certified with high recommedations. I will see how it will regulate my periods first then onto pregnancy. – Cassidy

  4. Sorry Lisa! I hate delayed test results, the doc doesn't think much of them but to us it is everything we've been working for for so long… As for the lap, if you mom has endo I say go for it. Endo is definently hereditary, my mom has it also but never had any symptoms but IF, I have most all of them, lucky me! The lap will just be nice because it will give you some answers. For some people the lap helps them get pregnant, it didn't help me though…

  5. I was thinking about you and was hoping that you would have an update from Dr. Sher. I'm disappointed that today's update isn't what I was hoping for: answers. I'm sorry.I don't have (that I know of) or know anything about endo, so no advice there to offer.Hugs and hoping that not preventing is the key!

  6. Im sorry hun its so frustrating not having answers!! I dont think a lap could hurt. I had one and I am so glad i did! They found so much and they did a hsg while they were in there. The recovery sux the first few days but then its over.I think a break is good. Give you mind and body a rest. Go away for a weekend, or do something fun. You need that!! Lots of ❤

  7. I completely understand your doctor frustrations. I'm so sorry there aren't any clear answers right now. I definitely think a break is a good thing for you to do. Hang in there!

  8. I'm so sorry you're not getting any good follow-up from either doctor. Why does he recommend a lap? Sure, if you do an HSG or SHG you might need surgery anyway…or you might not. What about a hysteroscopy? That might be a less invasive way to see what's going on in there.

  9. Know you know all this, but please think hard about a lap. For some friends, laps have been totally worth the cost, the risk, and the pain. But it IS major (albeit out-patient surgery), and I have had two dear friends undergo laps (endo and exploratory), and each developed post-surgical problems that put IF on the backburner for some time. Perhaps ask your doc what the ideal outcome is. What might you learn from a lap that isn't possible through other less invasive means, and how would it affect diagnosis and treatment? If you didn't have the lap, what are the next steps, and how divergent are those steps from what might be done post-lap? Finally, I can't believe Dr. Sher's office didn't call with the results and now he's unavailable for two weeks. That smacks of arrogance and unprofessionalism. You face tough choices but you are a strong woman who will persevere beautifully. –E

  10. Why are these Dr's not being more urgent with you? Do they want you to experience 20 m/c before they take you seriously? Ugh, so frustrated for you! Hoping at least the results from Dr. Sher give you some direction. My RE recently suggested an SHG as well, as I've never had one, and another possible HSG, so maybe those are options for you to consider more seriously as well…? Hoping you take care of yourself!

  11. Seriously, I want to smack your doctors for you! My REs office does SHGs for all IVF patients as part of the pre-IVF testing. I'm surprised you've never had one done. The lap might be a good idea, but as you know, you have to weigh the risks and the benefits. Hopefully your RE can find some time in his busy schedule to talk to you about it! :/ In the meantime, be good to yourself!

  12. I noticed you see Dr. Scheiber. I go to Dr. Awadalla. I've only been there for one cycle, which was my IVF. What do you think about IRH? Why did you move to Dr. Sher and what kind of doctor is he? I'm not planning on moving on or anything yet (this is my 4th RE), I was just wondering about your experience there. We live over 4 hours away from Cincy but decided to go there because we heard such wonderful things about it.

  13. And I forgot to say I had a lap last summer. It wasn't that bad and I did have stage 1. The sad thing is I never got pregnant afterward but I know so many people that do right after having it done.

  14. Try to enjoy some of this break and hope that when you come back and find time to talk with your REs they can get to the bottom of this and you will have some hope again. We'll hold your hope for you in the meantime.

  15. I'm waiting for Dr. Sher to come back from vacation, too. My consult is on the 24th. I think you should be able to request a copy of the labs once they are in…at least, that is what Reprosource told me.

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