11dpo update

The trigger seemed to go away yesterday @ 10dpo. I’ve been testing with ICs that are really sensitive, so I tend to see a slight line/disturbance of some sort for quite awhile.

I did have a small amount of brown spotting and cramping yesterday afternoon – which I hope could be implantation. I’ve only ever had spotting one other time and got a BFP the next day. It was a chemical though, I guess.

I don’t think I’m pregnant. 😦 I don’t know. I guess there’s still a couple days to see if this cycle is a bust or not. I’m not sure what we’ll do next cycle yet. I’d kind of like to call it quits, but I’d also like to keep fighting. I feel pretty wishy-washy about everything right now.

Still no word from Dr. Sher’s office with my test results. I THOUGHT we would do 2 follow ups – one with my test results and one when Andy’s came in. I think I’ll just wait til Andy’s comes in around 8.2.11. I’m not feeling as anxious as I was about the results. Waiting a little longer won’t matter much. I kind of doubt they will find anything significant anyway.


9 thoughts on “11dpo update

  1. I hope that this is your cycle. If not, then maybe you just need a nice break. TTC can be so stressful.Either way I thinking of you and rooting for you!!!!

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