8dpo/9 days since trigger

Not too much to report during this TWW. It’s been pretty boring. My only possible symptoms are frequent urination and constipation, however the drugs can cause that. I am peeing on sticks, but not obsessing – much πŸ™‚

I’m trying to stay optimistic. Usually around this time in my cycle, I feel pretty defeated like it didn’t work. It’s definitely too early to say that. I hope some darker lines appear soon πŸ™‚

Here is a tweaked version of yesterday and today’s pee sticks (7dpo/8 days past trigger on top, 8dpo/9 days past trigger on bottom). They look pretty similar, but the trigger shot can linger. Usually it leaves my system in about 9-10 days, so it could be negative tomorrow.

Courtesy of my friend, unaffected πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “8dpo/9 days since trigger

  1. Hang in there! This TWW is going VERY slowly for me. I'm not testing out my trigger but if I need to do this again I'm very tempted to do so.Let's hope your tests go negative in the next day or so and then start to darken again quickly!!Sending lots of positive vibes in your direction!

  2. Glad you are hanging in there with the 2WW. And I can so relate to your post from a few days ago…it often feels to me like everyone is moving forward and figuring this fertility thing out one way or another and I am just trying, trying, trying with nothing to show for it.Fingers crossed for you!

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