Hot flashes, heat wave, hormones, oh my!

We are smack dab in the middle of a super hot, humid week in Ohio. I don’t remember it being this bad last year. Throw in fertility drugs and hormones, and I’m not a very happy camper!

My A/C in my car is BROKEN *cry* Woe is me haha. The actual A/C is okay, but the motor for the fan blew out. I don’t think it’s very expensive to get the new motor. They said it might be difficult to install though, because we would have to open the dashboard and get underneath a bunch of stuff to replace it.

We don’t have much money at the moment. My husband just got laid off from his job that he had for about 5-6 years. 😦 He was working as a computer operator, but they installed a new program that eliminates the need for PEOPLE to run it. Thank God Andy is in school studying Radiology. He will finish in March 2012, which cannot come soon enough. We’re waiting for unemployment benefits.

It’s odd when financial situations change while TTC. I don’t want to STOP TTC, but then again this wouldn’t be the best time to conceive. It’s hard because I’m on a time limit. My ovaries and eggs have an expiration date. Even if that wasn’t the case, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to stop TTC. Although, money plays a big part in doing anything because we pretty much NEED drugs and medical intervention if we want to get pregnant.

Why must it be so hard??? I wish we had some kick ass insurance and extra cash laying around.

For the heck of it, I POAS today : ) I guess I wanted to see those 2 lines again. It’s only the trigger shot, but it’s so pretty. I wish it was real……


12 thoughts on “Hot flashes, heat wave, hormones, oh my!

  1. This heat is ridic, isn't it?! I'm so sorry about your hubby's job and your a/c. When it rains, it pours. Hoping you will have good news soon! Hugs!

  2. Sorry to hear Andy got laid off. The heat here is ridiculous too. In triple digits and with the humidity its like 110-115 YUCK!! I hope you get your bfp this cycle and dont have to worry anymore. Hugs!!Ps I loved your comment on my blog about the paper bfp!!!!

  3. I'm so sorry about Andy's job. That sucks. I absolutely HATE that insurance doesn't cover anything for infertility! Even if they would just cover a percentage of it it would help, kwim? Ugh.

  4. My heart is breaking a little to think of you poas with your trigger just to see the lines. I feel you on the heat. NYC is baking and the meds for my FET are making it more than unpleasant to say the least.I also understand about the changing finances. My husband had a few rocky employment years (things are thankfully better now) and we kept right now TTC b/c we felt we had no choice. Being in my mid 30's I just could not imagine losing more time and letting my eggs just get older then they already are.Hoping for you!!!!!!!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about Andy's job. I think that there are some infertility "scholarships" that one can apply to out there. I'm doing research myself…I'll pass along any info that I find. If not, I might have to start a program myself!I hope that those two lines show up again in 11 days!!! I don't have any ICs otherwise I'd POAS too but alas I won't waste my digital tests on the trigger positive πŸ™‚

  6. UGH. I'm sorry he was laid off! That really blows :(Infertility sucks balls! I wish we could all have awesome insurance so we wouldn't have to worry about how much money we had in order to try.

  7. Oh my gosh, no A/C? That's awful. I can not believe how hot it's been here and I'm pretty sure I heard that Ohio was just as bad. Sorry to hear about Andy getting laid off, I really hope he finds something soon!

  8. Im sorry about the job loss! I understand about the money situation. That is what is holding us up. And I only hear the clock ticking louder. Hopefully this cycle works out for you! πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry to hear about the string of bad luck and money woes. I hope that the hubby's graduation will bring a new job with great medical benefits for both of you.

  10. Oh, that IS such a pretty line. Hoping you get your results back from Sher SOON, that they give you the answers you're looking for, that Andy gets a job soon, and that you will have blazing lines in the near future!!!!

  11. Sorry about Andy's job – that sucks, and I hate the way finances control TTC, or at least it does for us infertiles. You and your early POASing – I hope this turns into the real thing!

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