No results yet :-(

Dr. Sher called just now, for my follow up and to relay my test results. However, not all the results were in after 2 1/2 weeks! WTH!

His nurse checked with the lab. The full results will hopefully be in by Monday. We scheduled another phone appointment for Mon evening at 6:30pm. She said there's a chance the results still won't be ready.

I have been psyching myself out and worrying (I know, not good). I just want to knooow though!

All he said was my APA is negative – but a few months ago it was positive. ??? He said he couldn't tell me much based on that. I think we are waiting on Natural Killer Cells and a few other things that are a bit out of the ordinary testing.

Siiiigh. There's always so much waiting in this journey. I just want to cry.

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6 thoughts on “No results yet :-(

  1. I'm sorry Lisa! I hate it when I'm looking forward to a result or appointment or something and I don't get it. I think we all just live for the next bit of news that could give us hope. I'll be praying the lab gets off their butts and gets you the results by Monday!

  2. Im sorry you are having to wait even longer! I hope you get some answers from all of this, you have waited long enough and been through too much!

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