CD 3 baseline u/s

Yesterday I made the trek down to Cincinnati for my baseline u/s. Everything checked out good, so we are ready for the fun to begin (haha, not really). I started my steroids and Clomid 100mg last night. Monday, I’ll start my stims – Menopur 150iu. I go back Thursday 7.14 for my follie check.

The doc said he gets good results with the Clomid/Menopur combo. I asked him if we could add Estrogen to boost my lining, but he said no. I was kind of disappointed. If something can help, why not do it? My lining has always been acceptable, but I would feel better if it was UBER fantastically thick. LOL. Anyway, he said the Menopur would most likely help create a thicker lining, so we’ll see if that’s true.

Sometimes I act like I know more than the docs – DOH! I don’t like it when I act that way. I’m not conceded or a know-it-all AT ALL. I have too much information and research, I worry about things that I shouldn’t, and I would probably take 100 drugs at once if they would help. It’s hard for me to let the docs do their job. But I also hate it when they don’t listen to my wishes and worries. There should be a better balance there.

With that being said, it is good to be assertive. I’m not used to being assertive, but I have been lately. I just don’t want to sound like an a$$, you know. It’s like this autoimmune stuff. I feel that I have symptoms (like achy joints, eczema, and other inflammatory symptoms) and signs (like RPL). We’ll see what the labs reveal. I can understand the docs being split on whether or not to believe the newer research, but I like it when they are more open-minded and thinking outside the box.

Glass Case of Emotion had a good point in my last post. She said we’re all unique and different. I never really realized how true that is until recently. We can’t all fit into one neat little diagnosis. Maybe I DO have autoimmune problems, maybe my eggs are too poor, maybe there’s something else they haven’t even researched yet. Maybe it’s even a combination of many things. I thought with all the medical advances today, that just about anyone could get pregnant. But we are still not there.

Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic for the time being. πŸ™‚ I hope this is a trend that continues. I was in a nasty funk for longer than I can ever remember. Hopefully I can stay out of that for awhile.

4 thoughts on “CD 3 baseline u/s

  1. There's so much money, time, energy, emotion, physical drain, worry, hope, dread, anticipation, anxiety…I could go on and on but I don't have to tell you :)…you got to get all those questions answered. I do think that the docs are right and the menopur should do the trick with your lining but it's good for you to hear their reasons for why they put you on each drug and what the effects will be from it. Rooting loudly for you! All this is just going to make it that much more wonderful when you are holding your child and thinking back on it all! Sending thoughts and prayers your way! HUGS!

  2. I hear ya on the docs not listening.My own has been pretty good, but I just hate reading about women having to basically fight their doctors for tests or whatnot that they want done.It shouldn't be like that.Anyway… hopefully your doctor is correct though and the menopur will give you a thick juicy lining πŸ˜€

  3. So glad you're feeling optimistic – so very important! I think it's great that you're assertive with your docs. If a doc isn't willing to work with a patient who is trying to be an informed patient, then they shouldn't be a doc! Everything's crossed for this cycle!!!

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