Cycle 31 plans

First, a big thank you for the medication help! You know who you are! 😀 I am so grateful!!!

I have a follow up with Dr. Sher on 7.15.11 to discuss my test results. I keep going back and forth between being nervous/scared and excited. It would be nice to know that there’s something, other than my eggs, that could be the culprit of my early losses. We’ll see…..

I decided to talk with my current RE, Dr. Scheiber, about what treatment he thinks is best for us. Unfortunately, Dr. Scheiber does not concur with Dr. Sher about autoimmune issues affecting fertility or causing Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. I don’t see how or why more doctors don’t recognize autoimmune issues! I’m finding out that it will be very difficult to get treatment if I do have something going on.

Dr. Scheiber thinks we can and will get pregnant, with or without IVF AND with or without IV intralipids or other autoimmune treatment. The best he will do for me is steroids and Lovenox, and he was reluctant to even do those. He said the research doesn’t support the newer treatments. He believes they make no difference either way. I disagree — but I’d love to believe what Dr. Scheiber says, because I want to have hope. Hope that we can be successful without taking anymore extra measures than we’re already taking.

I have 2 doctors telling me completely different things, and I don’t know who to believe. Dr. Scheiber thinks all my miscarriages are caused by a combination of things – not just one thing or one diagnosis. Dr. Sher makes so much sense though. It will be a long time before we can afford to go see him and pursue treatment with him. Maybe in the meantime there’s still hope for us, like Dr. Scheiber believes.

I am confused. But I don’t want to wait forever, so we’re going ahead with a treatment cycle. We’re doing Clomid, Menopur, Dexamethasone, Lovenox, hcg trigger, progesterone, and timed BD. We might add Estrogen to boost my lining. The Clomid/Menopur combo is a little different than what we’ve done before. The Estrogen would be fairly new. I used it once before. So I guess we’ll just keep our fingers crossed and hope for a sticky BFP. I am a little hopeful and glad to be doing something!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Cycle 31 plans

  1. Wow, how hard, to have two doctors telling you different things.I hope that this works for you and that you don't have to worry about who is right or not!

  2. Shew! I'd be confused too! I'm sure some of my previous Dr's would disagree about the autoimmune things too, and you're right- it makes SO much sense! I hope your combo is magic this cycle! Hugs

  3. Unfortunately, this 2 doctors with two different things is very common. It's tough. Surely it does exist, and doctors have to see clinical research to prove it first. But, it doesn't exist for a great many people, so it's very confusing. I have a lot of friends with RPL loss and I do think some have no autoimmune issues and I think some do. I do think there are markers for the people who have the autoimmune versus the egg issues. I also have heard some very untrustworthy stories about Dr. Sh.e.r. (Yes, I've heard he's helped some people too. But I've heard he IS convincing but people end up disappointed. And I am sure he's also had success with people too.) If you'd like contact with those people, I can share the information with you, I will not post it here. Not to downplay your hope, but I do think everyone is different so I can understand why the doctors are puzzled. There are no good definitions for who needs what. Sometimes it is immune and sometimes eggs. Having gone through this many times myself and being explored for every possible thing, it seems my issue is only eggs and nothing else. So it is possible to have recurrent loss based on that, but I can certainly understand the hope for it to be something else too, that is treatable. It's tough, we are all so unique! I wish you lots of luck and hope you get some questions answered. The most frustrating thing about recurrent loss is that they don't understand the reasons- or the treatments for it- very well. It's frustrating because I am sure they will know more in 10 years. But we aren't there yet. Wishing you the best, I know exactly how this feels!

  4. Excited that you have a plan for now but I just prefer Dr Shers opinion. Have you considered going to the Sher institute here in Mo? Its not that far from Ohio. They have a very good doctor there that learned from Dr. Sher. Just and idea….Good luck this cycle!!

  5. If it is automimmune related, your tests results will show it. If you dont have tests proving your autoimmune issues, then I would be reluctant to go down that path. I think Dr Sher is a great doctor and he's very knowledgeable about autoimmune and how it relates to infertility, however, thats just one of many possible things occurring. In one breath I want him to be right so you have a fixable answer, I totally understand your confusion. There are doctors who research and study outside of the box, I think Dr Sher is one of them. I went to his clinic in dallas and took their Nk2 killer cell and antibody tests and came up negative, yet I have autoimmune disease impacting my infertility based on this non IVF doctor….it's so hard to tell and so very perplexing. Good luck with your appointment and this cycle. I think im on cycle 32 or 33, very close to you either way.

  6. This is so confusing to get conflicting suggestions on protocols, I know. I really believe in the immunology stuff, but I know that a lot of docs don't. I really hope this cycle works for you!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, how stressful to work with two different doctors with really different opinions. I'm also so glad you got some free meds this cycle, I know it's rough not having coverage for IF, and my procedures were lots less expensive than some of your have been. Crossing my fingers for you!

  8. It is so so common to get different answers from each and every doctor you see. Most is just what they are used to. Some follow the data to the T and don't beleive anything else. It seems autoimmune stuff is split. I believe in it. Good luck!

  9. It is frustrating that different doctors have such differing opinions! I have found that different doctors even in the same group have differing opinions! I go to SIRM as well (Central IL), and while I have never spoken with Dr. Sher, I read his blog frequently and feel that I know his opinion pretty well (and what I believe he would say we should try), and Dr. Horowitz (SIRM – Central IL) doesn't think we need to be as aggressive. I hope Dr. H is right, but I kind of think we will end up having to do more anyway! So frustrating! I just hope and pray that this cycle is all you need and you can put this crazy TTC madness behind you!:)

  10. While all doctors will have slightly differing opinions, one of the issues on which they are absolutely black/white divided is the immune stuff. I think most of the doctors who don't believe in it, it's not really that they DISbelieve in it, per se. It's that there is not enough of the gold-standard double-blind, controlled, randomized proof that it helps. And I don't know him and have never consulted with him, but given Whitney's ( experience with Sher, you may not have gotten much cooperation from him if seeking treatment from a different doctor, anyway.Regardless, I hope you can find a solution to all of this.

  11. Not sure if you have done any genetic testing but there is a gene defect prevalent in white women that causes some of the problems you mentioned. I have the genetic disorder and many women have it but are unaware. Just in case your doctor overlooked it check this article out and ask them to measure your homocysteine levels. You never know.There are certain implications of having elevated homocysteine that are specifically relevant for women. Elevated homocysteine levels have been observed more frequently among women with certain pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia (elevated blood pressure that can lead to dangerous consequences), placental abruption (where the placenta detaches from the uterus), recurrent pregnancy loss, and giving birth to a small, low-birth-weight baby (called intrauterine growth restriction).7 However, medical research suggests that elevated homocysteine levels may be a consequence of these complications, rather than the cause.

  12. Good luck on this cycle! I found your blog through TWW and spent the past few days "catching up" on your story. It must be so frustrating to get different answers from different REs… I'll keep a good thought for you! Anyway, didn't wanna just lurk and not comment! Take care!

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