Sleepwalking advice?

My silly husband….He used to sleepwalk sporadically. Since we’ve moved, he’s been doing it A LOT! I asked him if he was feeling particularly stressed about anything, and he said no. His routine and schedule haven’t changed. We can’t think of any good reason for it.

It wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that he is SLEEP-PEEING! He has peed on the bathroom floor and 2nd bedroom floor more than a few times since we moved here at the end of May. I saw him do it a couple times and tried to re-direct him. He doesn’t hear me!

At first we laughed about it. It is kinda funny. But now it’s getting old! I even wonder if he’s done it more often or in other places that I don’t know about!! LOL
Any advice?

5 thoughts on “Sleepwalking advice?

  1. LOL..I know this isn't funny..but it kind of is. I'd say figure out what incorrect path he takes at night and put something in it that will obstruct him or jar him awake. My nephew was a sleep walker as a toddler and actually got out of the house a few times. They had to block the steps put child safety locks inside the doors, put a bed rail up and STILL they were always nervous. The only way he wuld turn around and go back to bed was if he accidentally stepped on one of his toys and hurt himself.

  2. I used to sleep walk alot in my teens. Don't know if I grew out of it or not, but I never did it again after my parents woke me up. They weren't trying to wake me up but they were laughing so hard at me because I got on my moms exercise bike and was "going to town" when they asked me where I was going. Their laughter woke me up and I was so embarrassed and for some reason I never walked in my sleep again…..

  3. I don't know if this would work but I have done a lot of research on dreaming and lucid dreaming (which is the state of knowing you are dreaming while in a dream). When you are sleep walking and sleep peeing (I used to sleep pee…peed in the trash can once at my grandmother's…and yes my mom and aunts watched without waking me up). There is this trick I learned. During the day about 15 times a day look down at your hands and look at them front and back and ask yourself if you are dreaming. Then answer yourself. No. I am not dreaming. If you do this enough eventually you will start doing it in your dreams. When you are dreaming and you look at your hands and ask yourself are you dreaming you might realize you are when you ask yourself and then be able to wake up or at least realize you need to pee. Don't know if that helps.

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