Labs done

I got my labs for Dr. Sher done yesterday. It took 8 vials of blood. Is it sad that I'm not bothered by stuff like that anymore?? I've had so much blood taken, it's not even funny. I hope this is the last batch until my next positive, doubling hcg BETAS! 🙂

I have fears that my results will reveal something really bad and unfixable. That's probably not likely though. If they do find something, I imagine it might be difficult to overcome BUT it will be an answer nonetheless. I'm more afraid that they'll find NOTHING.

So please hope along with me that there's something (else) wrong with me! LOL 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Labs done

  1. Praying the blood work gives you answers and more hope!! When you DO get pregnant you will be a champ bc the blood work and all the other not so fun stuff will be a breeze for you!!!

  2. I feel the same way about getting blood drawn or shots – bring it on! No big deal! Hoping for something wrong that is easy to fix!!!

  3. Hope they find something; can tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix it and you get your BFP SOON! I hope Dr. Sher puts you on your last protocol (unless there's a FET at a later date!)

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