If money were no object…

If money were no object, what would you do? Adopt, IVF, more testing/procedures, etc? Move to an island somewhere and live child free?

I would most certainly do more IVF cycles. However, there comes a time when your body and emotions just can’t take anymore fertility treatments. I think I would be more willing to pursue adoption, if I had the funds. Something I would love to do is set up some kind of fund or grant to help infertile couples. Or donate money for research.

Speaking of grants, I came across some helpful sites that offer help to infertile couples. It looks like you would have to wait awhile to see if you qualify or win. One site asks you to donate money to participate. I’m thinking of signing up, but I’m not sure.

I thought this site was interesting – it explains the different scholarships/grants out there.


9 thoughts on “If money were no object…

  1. I've also looked into the grants thing, but I've not filled out anything yet.If money were no object, I'm pretty sure I'd do IVFs until I either got a baby or died trying.:/

  2. We filled out the Fer.tile Drea.ms grant app back in March…unfortunately we never heard back from them. However, they have given 3-5 $10,000 grants per year to those who qualify in the last 5 years or so…there are some decent financing options available though…that's how we are financing everything…a bit better than a credit card :/I think if IVF and fertility treatments were covered under insurance–we'd be in better shape. It's a lot of stress because nothing fertility wise is covered in the state we live in. Good luck, Lisa!! I know money is a stressful topic! For us, too 😦

  3. I would definately do IVF but I would also pursue adoption. I like your idea of donating to IF causes/funds, we need more of that, especially with insurance not covering so much of it. I think i would use the money to fight to get it covered…..it would be the gift that kept on giving.

  4. A good friend of mine has rasied money for IVF treatments and paying off other debt due to treatment expenses by selling cakes and pies she makes at home. 10 dollars per pie/cake! Try that or maybe make something to sell to help raise money. You would be surprised how many people would donate if you asked.

  5. lisa, i know its a tender subject, but have you thought about surrogacy? i have no idea what the laws are over there ( im in australia)

  6. Adopt, without a doubt, but that's just where our journey has taken us – we're so ready for it in every way except financially… Like you being ready for IVF. I wish you were able to move ahead… Wish we all could. Keep looking into grants – someone has to end up with them, so why not you?

  7. Funny enough, a good friend of mine found herself in this type of situation about 2 years ago. She and her hubby had struggled for years with IF. She had countless IUIs and had done 3 IVFs with her local RE when she came into a rather large inheritance. It was a "let's pay off our debts and still have a good chunk leftover" inheritance, not a "lets all quit our jobs" inheritance. They then went to Dr. Sher and fully intended to IVF forever. They got the bloodwork and all the follow-up tests done, and then 2 rounds of a highly specific protocol. One failed, the other ended in m/c. Depression hit her hard, and she thinks now it was because she assumed that with the money and Dr. Sher she now had her silver bullet. They thought long and hard about their next options–surrogacy, overseas adoption, private adoption, etc–and they ultimately pursued both overseas and Foster Family Agency adoption in the US. The FFA moved much faster, and this past March she became the legal mother to two daughters (one two, the other three) who are biological sisters. I asked her not long ago if she ever felt cheated that she didn't get a baby. She told me, honestly, that sometimes that feeling creeps in, but then she realizes that if she had a baby, she wouldn't be the mother to her girls, and THAT, she says, would truly break her heart. Just some food for thought.

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