Answers from Dr. Sher!

My consult with Dr. Sher 6.15.11

Answers from Dr. Sher

I learned quite a few things, and some of them are quite shocking to me! First of all, we may have a new diagnosis, but we need more testing to confirm. Dr. Sher has a hunch that I have “Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction”. This means that I have an autoimmune disorder that causes failed implantation/Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. My egg quality is not the issue. And having fewer eggs is not the issue (even though that makes it a little more difficult). It is most likely an implantation problem. He believes we can successfully conceive when the REAL problem is known!
Why do I feel a bit skeptical and nervous??!!! I am worried we won’t find the real problem. I want to be hopeful, I really do.

• Diminished Ovarian Reserve is most likely genetic. Someone on my mother’s side passed it on. It means that I am using eggs more quickly and will reach menopause sooner – BUT it has NOTHING to do with egg quality and I can still conceive.

• My losses are NOT all from chromosomal problems. It is impossible to have repeat chemical pregnancies with chromosomal issues. If it were chromosomal issues, I would have eventually had a healthy baby out of 6 pregnancies.

• My doctors are wrong about me having poor egg quality. For me to have poor egg quality – all bad eggs – to keep causing miscarriages, I would have had to be exposed to severe radiation or “if I grew up in a nuclear disaster area” (his words, LOL!). Thus, the chemical pregnancies are not a result of poor egg quality.

• Elevated Antiphosphatidylserine IGM actually IS significant (despite what my current doc says), but we do need to see more immunological testing before we can see the total picture. It is possible that I have abnormal levels of Natural Killer Cells based on that result. My doctor did not do the FULL immunological panel or test for Natural Kills Cells.

• Dr. Sher believes that my Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is a “soil” problem (lining), not a seed problem (eggs/embryo). He thinks I have “Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction”.

• Menopause will be starting soon, and there’s not much time left. We should not continue with the current treatments or protocols that my doctors have been doing if we want to have a baby.

• The best protocol for us to use is the Agonist/Antagonist protocol. Clomid and Femara are NOT GOOD for eggs. They can create more abnormal eggs/embryos.

• My lower FSH readings lately don’t mean that things are improving. The highest level recorded is the one that means something.

• There is no need to monitor FSH or AMH anymore. We already know that I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

• DO NOT TAKE DHEA! It raises testosterone and can affect egg quality in a negative way! It can create abnormal eggs.

• Reading materials and information can be found on Dr. Sher’s blog:

• He wants me to read his blogs about Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction, and Agonist/Antagonist protocol.

• I will be getting a full immunologic panel done with 21 tests. Only 4-5 labs in America can test for these. Dr. Sher is sending me a special package with blood vials that I will get drawn at a local lab and then mail the vials to a lab that will perform the testing. My husband will also have to get several tests done, but most of it is for me.


21 thoughts on “Answers from Dr. Sher!

  1. Wow – awesome info!!! I'm really hopeful for you, Lisa! There were a few things you mentioned that I am going to look into as well, good food for thought.

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