Moving day madness

We moved into our new place yesterday! Yay! It's nicer, cheaper, and bigger. Moving day did not go well though.

Andy broke our flat screen TV and our computer desk! 😦 It was an accident though. We didn't have movers – just Andy's brother. It was HARD work.

My whole body is SORE! I think I over-did it. I wish I had Memorial Day off, but I have to work.

To top things off, we have NO air conditioning. The thermostat says 90+ degrees, but it doesn't go above 90 really. We tried flipping the breaker switch for the central air – and it worked for a minute, but then it stopped again. Yuck!!

Sorry to sound like a negative nelly LoL. I have a couple positive things to say. I do love our new place. There is a pretty man-made lake behind it, and we have a nice balcony/porch.

Oh, and I'm getting fertile signs (like EWCM & pinches) already on CD 6! I tend to ovulate pretty early sometimes. I used an OPK today, and it was nearly positive!

I'm sorry I'm so behind on my blog reading and commenting. We don't have internet until Tuesday. Plus we've been packing/moving. I promise to catch up soon. Sending baby dust, good luck, and sticky vibes to everyone πŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Moving day madness

  1. Moving is such a tough thing… hope you settle into your new place soon :)) Love always xoxoPS. I'm going to take my blog private in a week or so… and would love to keep sharing my journey with you. Email me on for me to add your email to my list xoxo

  2. yay for nicer, cheaper and bigger. boo for broken tv i guess…actually, i'd love it if our tv was broken so DH would have to find a new hobby, but i suppose it's a bit of a bummer to most πŸ™‚ hope you get a fully positive OPK soon and can take great advantage of it in the midst of unpacking!

  3. Oh man. Broken TV and no a/c? Ick. I hate moving. A lot. I've done it way too much. But it's also kinda fun. Good luck figuring out where to put everything in the kitchen πŸ™‚

  4. BLEH! I hate moving. But it sounds like you love your new place other than the crap AC.Hope the rest of the move, unpacking and what have you goes smoothly πŸ˜€

  5. Moving is the worst while you're in the midst of it, isn't it?So sorry about the TV and the desk! I hope the AC is working soon, too. I'm on the east coast and seriously, if you're dealing with anything like we are right now, I can't imagine no AC!

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