Cycle 28, CD 2

AF arrived yesterday. I’m actually feeling okay though. I’m ready to push forward and make something happen this cycle. I’ll be calling my RE this morning to make a plan for cycle 28. I’m not 100% sure what meds we’ll be using or if we’re doing an IUI or not.

Last cycle we tried Femara for the first time, and I didn’t really care for it. I only produced 1 mature follicle, along with 2 smaller ones. My RE said the 2 smaller ones might have caught up, but it’s hard to say. Usually I’m able to produce 2-4 follicles, even though I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve. Clomid seems to work pretty well for me, so I’d like to go back on it. Since I also have poor egg quality, it’s preferable to have more follicles for a better chance at catching my “golden egg”.

I’m still feeling hopeful and optimistic about the new addition of steroids and Lovenox. It seems like I’ve had increased fertility the past couple months due to the new medications. I still fear that I will keep getting pregnant and having early losses. I just keep hoping that one of these times, it will turn out differently. I don’t know if it’s crazy of me to think that it will be different somehow, someday?! I just know I’m not ready to give up yet. As much as this IF rollercoaster sucks – I can and will do this for my future child.

Will update soon with the plan 🙂


16 thoughts on “Cycle 28, CD 2

  1. Good luck, it does sound like things have been going better in the last few cycles!!!!You are so strong and do such a great job of staying hopeful. I know you will have your take home baby soon (I accidentally just wrote son, rather than soon???).

  2. So happy you're feeling strong, and ready to take on another cycle. Definitely talk to the RE – let's figure out how to get as many of those eggies as possible! Let us know what the doc says.

  3. I too have early MCs, I have FVL, a blood clotting disorder, I just started Lovenox 7 days ago and I am 4wks6days pg, so I too am hoping it works. I am also continuing the baby aspirin in the morning. I will be following along to see how it works out for you!

  4. I'm glad to read that you're feeling very opptimistic. Don't see that too often when it comes to IF unfortunatly.I hope your doc has a great plan of action for ya for this cycle!

  5. "I still fear that I will keep getting pregnant and having early losses. I just keep hoping that one of these times, it will turn out differently."Honestly, I feel the same way about myself. And you hear about those people that have six or seven losses, and then one magically sticks? Maybe that could be us, too. Good luck this cycle!

  6. You are so strong! I think it seems like you are getting closer and closer to figuring out just the right blend of treatment to get a sticky bean. Good luck with this cycle!

  7. Your timeline is one of those that I look at and think it's just not fair. You so deserve a little one!!! I hope that baby is on its way soon. :)Happy ICLW! P.S. I L-O-V-E your blog font. Super cute.

  8. I just wanted to say you're a inspiration, I love your positive attitude and strength. I had 6 early losses before I got my sticky bean (clexane and asprin were my magic combo) and I know how hard I found it to pick myself up each time. Your baby will come and when you tell him/her your story I bet they will feel so loved and special that you did all that for them ….xx

  9. Don't give up… I can hear your determination and love for your future child in your words. All my love and thoughts for this cycle… I'll be with you too, as my next cycle is likely to start any day now xoxo

  10. I'm sorry this wasn't your month! What an awful roller coaster! I talked with my RE today and something she was talking about made me think of you – have you heard of Dr. Kwak-Kim in Chicago? She might be worth looking into. There's a little more info in my latest blog, or you can google her to get some more info too.

  11. I hope that adding the steroid and anticoagulant is just the thing needed to get you pregnant for good! You've had such a crazy (and totally freaking unfair) month and I really, really, really hope that we both have some 2012 babies on the way.

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