Finally some clarity

BFN and temp drop today. I’m actually relieved to have a clear answer after what I’ve been through the last several days. It looks like AF will be here soon. What a crazy, stressful cycle. It’s mostly my fault for testing too much, too early. I will not be doing that again. I’m okay with this outcome, even though it’s negative. I just really wanted an answer, so I could deal with it and move on.

I’m still not sure what happened, whether there were a few bad tests or maybe an early loss. It was pretty hard on me though, whatever it was. I will say that it looks promising that the addition of Lovenox and steroids seem to be helping. Hopefully soon enough I’ll have a REAL BFP, progression, nice betas, and our take home baby.

I’m not sure what we’re doing this next cycle yet. I thought about taking a break, but it seems like I’m more fertile recently, so I kind of want to push forward with another medicated cycle. I still have a few days to decide. And I’m sorry — I’ve been a terrible bloggy friend this past week and an even worse ICLW participant this time!! I promise to catch up on everyone’s blogging and visit the ICLW folks’ blogs as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for all the support.

Much love and luck to all!


14 thoughts on “Finally some clarity

  1. I'm so sorry about your BFN….but glad you're out of limbo. I'm sure you are drained. PS- I gave you an award on my blog! Stop on over and grab it 🙂

  2. Lisa, I am so sorry. BFN's always suck but to have a BFP first, well, that is just 10x worse. I think a break can be good every now and then. I am on one now and, while it is not the entire solution clearly, it is helping me clear my head and feel less pressure. I hope you figure out what works for you.take care of yourself….

  3. I am sorry….this is why I hate HPT and don't use them (rarely). I feel seeing a positive, followed by a negative would be even more of a roller coaster for me. One of these months (soon I hope!) we will have BFP followed by the birth of a baby…xo

  4. Hi Lisa, Here from ICLW and just read thru some of your past posts. I love the story of how you and your husband met. I can only imagine that there is much more to that adventure 🙂 but how cool! Sorry that you've had such a roller coaster of a ride with this cycle, and with this whole journey. We only had a few cycles that we could actually try since we needed medical assistance due to MFI. On our first IUI we had a chemical pregnancy that was only detected with a blood test. and with our ivf, our beta's were so low that they would not have been detected by a hpt until after the clinic had already confirmed the pregnancy. It sure would be nice if this was all easier to keep track of and to know what exactly is going on in there.Good luck on your journey! and happy ICLW!

  5. i have awarded you with the sytlish blobber award. Please come over to my blog and read the rules for this award… its a pleasure to read your blog.

  6. Hi from ICLW. So sorry to hear about your confusing, dissappointing cycle. You sound like you're feeling optimistic about moving forward, which is wonderful! I've been diagnosed with high FSH, so I look forward to reading your blogs!

  7. So sorry to hear that it's become a definite BFN… this TTC journey is such a nightmare and my heart goes out to you. Look after yourself over Easter and love to you always xoxo

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