I’m being toyed with…

First, thank you all for the overwhelming, wonderful support on my last couple of posts! I really, truly appreciate it.

If you were following along, I had a couple positive tests at 11dpo & 12dpo. Then, I thought I had a BFN at 13dpo and it was over. BUT — I tested this morning @ 14dpo and got another positive test. WTH?! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I figured it had to be a fluke, so I retested a few hours later and didn’t really see anything there. I don’t know if my test from this morning was a fluke or my later test was a fluke. ??????

So, I’m in limbo. I’m confused and frustrated. I don’t feel comfortable stopping my progesterone and other meds until I have a clear answer. I didn’t want to get a beta today because honestly I figured that I wasn’t pregnant and just having terrible luck with HPTs.

I’ve gotten betas done before when I had faint lines and ended up with super low numbers like 4 or 6. I know that I don’t carry hcg in my system at all times though, like some people, because I’ve had a zero beta.

I have had it with HPTs! I will try to refrain from testing too much and too early. It’s hard to be patient, but I need to be. However, even if I had waited until today @ 14dpo, I still would be dealing with pee stick drama. And my doctor always says to test with an HPT, and if POSITIVE then we would do a beta. I don’t know if I have a positive though! I have 2 very different tests from today (well more than 2 because I dipped a couple different brands) and it’s inconclusive!

I guess I will stay on my meds for another day or 2 and see what happens. It doesn’t seem like this will end well. Whether they are evaps, false positives, or even a late implantation/BFP -it can’t be good. I will definitely keep you all posted – hopefully there will be some kind of clear answer soon.

Thanks again for the support and well wishes. Good luck to all of you!


20 thoughts on “I’m being toyed with…

  1. Hi I recently found your blog through ICLW and thought I'd stop by today to see what was new. You've definitely had a rollercoaster couple of days. Being stuck in any kind of limbo is frustrating and draining. I hope you get a definitive answer soon one way or another (though obviously I hope it's positive) so that you can know how to move forward. GL and keep us posted.

  2. Thinking of you… definitely keep going with you meds – this might just be a slow start to a glorious pregnancy πŸ™‚ My HPT when I pregnant with our toddler was slow to get going and she's now super happy and healthy πŸ™‚ FXd for you xoxo

  3. Yuck, at times like this, you almost want AF to show up just to put you out of your limbo misery.I hope that it shows positive and you get a nice high beta!!!!

  4. this is just terrible, I am so sorry for the limbo you find yourself in. I am wondering if your RE would be open to betas for you to let you avoid HPT. I would rather a real blood test than see you have to deal with this time after time. Not ok!!!Hang in there sweetie

  5. HPT's are my enemy….I have seen way to many one liners and 'not pregnant' ones to make me want to pee on them. For you to do it religiously like you do, I commend your strength! I say give it another day or two then test early am and see what it says…good luck!

  6. i absolutely hate this roller coaster for you :(:( hoping you get some POSITIVE clarity in the next couple of days!in other happier news, i awarded you an award over at my blog if you want to come over and claim it.

  7. ugh Lisa. I have been following your saga, but been unable to sign in to comment. I was just watching one of those Ï didn't know I was pregnant"shows and one lady tested several times with tests and they came up negative..so sometimes tests just don't work..you may have just had a faulty test. I don't know, but i really hope you get a beta and find out for sure..stick baby stick!!

  8. Lisa – I am so sorry you're going through this. I think you're right to hang in there a few more days with your meds, just in case πŸ™‚ I'm praying for you!

  9. Hello Lisa!This is the first post I read from you, having found you through ICLW. I can only imagine what you are going through, and I know it will not even be close to the reality you experience.Wishing you all the best, and sending good thoughts you way, that you may find strength to hold on each and every day!

  10. Grrrrrr!!! I cannot believe the HPT hell you are in right now…..there's just no way those could be false positives! Right??? Doesn't make sense. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this right now….and it's another strong case for me not POASing. Ugh. HUGS

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