OMG it’s positive!!

Here we go again! OMG, I’m in disbelief! I have a very faint pink line. I hope it gets darker!

Pregnancy numero 7 – Hopefully it’s a lucky (STICKY) one! Oh, and today is a special day because it is a due date for one angel baby AND miscarriage date for another angel baby. So this is pretty amazing! Lots of tears – happy tears!

11dpo Afternoon

11dpo Night

Different pic of 11dpo Night

*Edited to add 12dpo Answer: (Sorry for the poor lighting – it’s still dark this morning) 🙂


33 thoughts on “OMG it’s positive!!

  1. OMG!! Sorry I missed this yesterday. What a day filled with so many different emotions for you. Thinking of you on all of these levels. Please keep us posted!!!

  2. so excited for you lisa! dont you be scared now, this baby is a sticky one! just visualise that baby snuggling in there tight! the bean is in there so nice and tight that he/she caused a little implantation bleeding!! and your tests.. there is a clear progression there! everything is going to be fine! you just take it easy and stay positive, because this baby will be in your arms soon!!!

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